I took care of a sweet loving stray outside. One day she was very excited about something. She kept rubbing against me and meowing. Then, 2 kittens popped out from the bushes. A few days later I could tell the mama cat was very upset about something. Someone had taken one of her kittens-CoCo. The brother got adopted and a rescue took the mama cat and her second litter of 4. A year later CoCo showed up on my porch 1 yr old. Soon after, she had a litter of 5 that were adopted. A friend helped me get TNR done on her and her bff, a male cat. She was outside for 2 yrs.A neighbor took the male cat and left CoCo alone. A few days later I took her in by grabbing by the scruff of the neck then she immediately started purring. First 3 months she lived under my couch. Now she will not leave my bedroom. I have had her a over a yr. I can see why some shelters do not want kittens adopted til they're 12 weeks old. CoCo does not defend herself when my cats hiss and growl at her. She does not hiss back or stand on her haunches. No reaction at all. Just quivers her tail and hides. I even took her to the vet to have her eyes and ears checked. She is fine. When I go to bed she rubs against my face and wraps her body around my neck. Then she kneads her paws and purrs for a long time. CoCo will eat next to my cats in my kitchen then back to the bedroom. Could be she does not know how to defend herself so she goes where she feel safe.. Hopefully by 2019 she will leave my bedroom on her own.

She no longer stays in my bedroom and sleep on the couch that Maggie's on. Still scared of her. Coco and Peaches play together. She will chase her!
Feb 1, 1971 (Age: 52)
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