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    Need your suggestions

    It sounds like you already have some good leads -- but still no neuter appointment yet. The resources you've got look great and you can keep asking on those. However, when we recently got some feral kittens inside, we ended up getting them fixed at a local shelter for a lower cost. It wasn't on...
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    My little feral princess

    She's beautiful! What a lovely girl, and so glad she has a safe home to enjoy. My kitties also love that kind of crinkle toy. Great birthday present!
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    Thinking of adopting a Feral, but problems with the other animals.

    What a beautiful, lucky boy! When I recently got some feral kittens secured, I ended up keeping them both in separate cat carriers for a couple days, just putting in some litter in the bottom of a cut-off plastic tub of cat litter. It was small enough to fit inside, and since the kittens were...
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    Mamanyt1953 needs furrever home home for an abandoned sweet kitty

    Is she certain that cat has been with those people a long time? He has the exact same dark toe on white paw as this kitty, who went missing much earlier this year in the Chicago area. I learned of him because he has somewhat similar markings to my missing kitty (who I recovered after 7 weeks...
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    Found missing cat but she ran away

    I forgot to add -- How is your kitty? Has she gotten back to her previous weight again? Is her behavior back to exactly what it was before her own outside adventure, or do you think she'll have some long term lessons or shifts as well?
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    Found missing cat but she ran away

    Luna is still doing AMAZING. She is so very obviously happy to be back inside. She still has a very high level of energy, but she has less of the nervous energy she did sometimes when we would carry her before she left. Her bonded brother and her have gotten over the day or so where he wasn't...
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    Found missing cat but she ran away

    Here is Luna on her favorite cat tower perch before and after her summer wandering outside!! Sometime I will have to post more details of last night. She came THREE times in one night, it was a total roller coaster of emotions. And the final visit we didn't see her approaching on the cameras at...
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    Found missing cat but she ran away

    She's so much lighter than she was when she left! She's purring and meowing nonstop, which is a little crazy since she had almost silent squeaky meows before she got out. I'm so relieved she's back, but she is also clearly relieved and thrilled to be back inside.
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    Found missing cat but she ran away

    LUNA IS HOME!!!!!
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    Found missing cat but she ran away

    I thought of that -- it was really tempting as an idea. I think it might work in the very short term, but would likely get sticky over time, or pick up dirt, and be worse. Plus, if it were to start smelling rancid, it would be as bad as the mineral oil but wouldn't even function equivalently...
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    Found missing cat but she ran away

    I tried out your "double trap" idea with two traps side by side in opposite directions. I also fully covered with black plastic trash bags. We also set out the drop trap, planning for me to go out at 11:30 and bait it & operate it from a balcony. Of course, tonight she comes earlier than she...
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    Cat loose

    My missing cat showed back up on our property over 40 days after we stopped seeing her on camera. I was tracking many sightings of a cat like her on a block a mile away -- even saw glimpses myself that were very convincing! I'm still thinking it might have been her, that she went there because...
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    Found missing cat but she ran away

    She came back again last night! This time I had a trap out with options: dry food & tuna in oil. I had a dry food snack outside the trap, I had a little cat shelter in a tote with one of my shirts that her brother had been sleeping on, and we left the door open. She sniffed the tuna from the...
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    Found missing cat but she ran away

    I can't believe it!! I was so ready to keep trying to get her on that block, but last night she showed up back on our property!! I slept through it-- she stayed about 10 minutes on a step on our front porch around midnight. I'm so glad to get complete confirmation she is alive and well, but I...
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    How can I keep flies away from cat colonies food? Any tips please

    Bug zappers kill so many good bugs I hate to use those. I know fans will keep mosquitos away, and it seems like it might help with the flies too, but it might annoy the cats? I don't know.