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    Cat Adoption Stories Contest! Prizes for You AND Your Favorite Shelter!

    After losing Sami (19 years old) and then Buddy at just over 2 years old, we decided Parker was in need of a few friend. We stopped by the local SPCA and fell in love with a sweet little tabby. We went back a few days later to get her but she'd already been adopted out. I was pretty bummed. Not...
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    Could it stress?

    I have had a diffuser in the the past. It got broken and I haven't had the cash to replace it just yet but I do plan on getting another. Currently I only have 2 litter boxes for the cats because I literally have no where else to put another one, until my roommate moves out, anyway, then I will...
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    Could it stress?

    Hello everyone. I don't post much anymore but Parker's recent change in behavior has lead me back since I am a little stumped as well as concerned. (Posting in this section since he was cleared of any health issues) About a month ago, a relative of mine passed away. The weeks leading up to it...
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    What song is stuck in your head?

    All you had to do was stay - Taylor Swift. Been playing in my head since I opened my eyes this morning.
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    Do you have a blender? Do you use it?

    I have the NutriBullet. I LOVE it. Of the 3-4 blenders I've tried (in my price range) it's the only that can completely break up frozen strawberries. I was using it almost daily but I've gotten lazy lately.
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    do you have a mental illness?

    I have social anxiety, depression, PTSD and an eating disorder. Been in therapy for almost 3 years now.
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    Fluid intake after deworming

    I don't think it was from the Revolution. I am assuming it's from the Drontal. I just wanted to be sure it was nothing to worry about. Haven't dealt with tapeworms in a few years and I can't remember if Parker drank so much the last time.
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    Fluid intake after deworming

    A few days ago I discovered the cats had fleas and tapeworms. Was off to the vet the following morning to get some Revolution and some dewormer. Both have been treated and are fine otherwise but they are drinking way more water than usual. I put water in Parker's food so he is rarely at the...
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    So.... how do y'all like your coffee?

    French vanilla flavored Nescafe with a bit of stevia.  Or Tim Hortons with a bit of stevia if I am on the go early in the morning.
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    What's the worst mistake you have made with your cat?

    Yeah, I did something similar with a spot treatment for fleas. I almost lost Parker. Washed it off as soon as he started freaking out but he was very ill for a few days. 
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    What's the last thing you ate?

    A bowl of home made chicken bone broth. (Well, technically soup, since it had the chicken and veggies in it lol)
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    Do cats understand kisses?

    Parker doesn't give kisses but if I say to him "Kiss", he turns his cheek towards me so I can kiss it. He loves them and seems to know it's one way I show affection.
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    Do you sing to your cat?

    I sing to Parker. He seems to really enjoy it because even if I am in a room by myself singing, he usually comes in and lays down to listen. He always looks so content.
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    Question of the Day - Tuesday, August 5

    Trident bubblegum flavor or the orange cream dessert. 
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    Question about nail polish

    As a nail art junkie, I felt obligated to reply lol. Seche Vite was my go-to top coat for a long time but for the price, its really is tricky to use. I noticed that if I waited for the color to dry, then applied the SV, it would shrink the color underneath and make it peel easier, so I had to...