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    Cat with possible broken leg

    Yes, it is inside. I took her in at 12 weeks. I kept her in a room for a few weeks and I picked her up often, but then I wanted her to bond with the other cats too, so I let her out. One she has bonded with (a stray who was 3 years old). He takes care of her, but oddly enough, he will not...
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    Cat with possible broken leg

    Sorry, it's been a busy week. The cat with the limp was fine the next day. Thankfully. I kept a watch to make sure, but it's over a week now and he hasn't limped at all and is acting normal. I trapped the cat with the lump and brought him to my vet. I should have waited until my favorite...
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    Cat with possible broken leg

    Hi, I have been caring for feral cats for five years now and several live in my yard. I already have 4 in the house one of which had a broken leg back in 2014. I nursed him for 4 months in a crate/room. He is a wonderful house cat now. Well, there's another one that's been here for about 2...
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    Feral Kitten - How To Catch "in My Home."

    Hi all, I took in a feral kitten at 3 months old. Was very inexperienced with feral kitten and thought it would be easier than my 9 month old feral was (although he was easier). I let her out of the cage too soon and she will run when she can, although she approaches me and bats her eyes as...
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    How To Stop More Ferals From "staying" In Yard

    Thank you all once again for all of the wonderful links, information and support! It has helped. I just get anxious due to the time of year and here in NY, the cold weather. It's difficult to TNR when the weather is too cold and I want to get the new ones fixed asap. I'm trying to hang in...
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    How To Stop More Ferals From "staying" In Yard

    Thank you too for the thoughts and prayers. I need them!
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    How To Stop More Ferals From "staying" In Yard

    Thank you for your advice/help/kind words. I was contacted by the ASPCA here to help someone else in my neighborhood. I reached out to her, only to find out she is in the same boat. She is really losing it. She had a plate put in her back years ago due to a car accident so she cannot lift...
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    How To Stop More Ferals From "staying" In Yard

    No, actually, it's not a good thing. One house started the whole thing 8 years ago. I trapped all of the cats and then they took them in (6). They now have dogs that hate the cats? (insert rolling eyes icon) I have tried speaking to them and they never offer money (even though they are both...
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    New Winterized Shelter For Kitty.

    Another great inexpensive tool for outdoor shelters. 1" Foam board from Home Depot. One 4 x 8 sheet is about $20. Cut it up using serrated kitchen knife or utility knife, or saw and use very good duct tape to keep it together and seal seams from air. Waterproof too. You can use it as an...
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    Need Help In Ronkonkoma, Ny

    If you are on Facebook, search for Long Island Feral and Stray and join the group. Post there and locals with traps will help.
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    How To Stop More Ferals From "staying" In Yard

    Hi, I was unfortunately involuntarily made into a colony keeper. It started with one litter that I fixed and then decided to build a cathouse for. I kept one with a broken leg and then two females only came to eat daily. The two males and one red male stayed and lived in the house for 4...
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    While I'm At It, My Feral Kitten Is Now 8 Months Old...

    I had a good experience with my first feral. Even though he had a broken leg and I nursed in for 3 months in a crate, and 2 more in the room, he hissed at me every single time. I had agreed to take in my first kitten (a rescue) at the same time I caught him. So I put up a screen door and they...
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    Feral Kitten 10-11 Weeks Like To Socialize For Adoption?

    I have a kitten (and there are likely more). It'a about 10-11 weeks old. How likely can it be socialized in a few weeks? I have a place that will take it to adopt out, but they say it must be socialized. Anyone have any success? Any good advice. I have a large dog crate and will keep it in...
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    Ferals Old And New

    Thank you all for your help. I have tried even gently stating that the police can fine them if they are not fixed. They will not aide in fixing them. I will look for further resources. Glad I'm not alone, 100!!!