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    Hi, I know this is an old thread, but wanted to chime in. I just lost my boy of 11 1/2 years, bottle nursed him as an orphaned 4 week old from the side of the road. His mother was hit by a car, and his siblings were rehomed by a relative, but didn't survive. I found a blowfly larvae in his chest...
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    Need Advice Please On Pericarditis...And Possible Intestinal Bleed (I've been seeing the vet already

    Wasn't going to respond again, but thought it might help someone with a similar issue. ....I lost my boy. :( We had him in the ER last Wednesday, the day after the last abdominal concerns were again ignored because he was already terminal and in heart failure from HCM with a faulty...
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    Need Advice Please On Pericarditis...And Possible Intestinal Bleed (I've been seeing the vet already

    Thank you. She gave him an injection of Lasix in the office. She prescribed Furosemide 12.5 mg 1/2 pill 2x/day, Enapril 5 mg 1/2 pill 2x/day, cerenia for pain (injection in office and pill to take home), and then 1/4 aspirin 81 mg once every 3 days. He had Cerenia and Simbadol last time he went...
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    Need Advice Please On Pericarditis...And Possible Intestinal Bleed (I've been seeing the vet already

    Ok. So, I've been taking my cat to the vet for my concerns the last few weeks, but, I feel like they are missing something. Bare with me, please, it's long.   A little background on my boy: I have an 11-year-old, I've had since he was 4 weeks old, found on the side of the road, who's generally...
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    Hyperthyroidism if Cats? I need help with treatment options.

    Has anyone ever treated their hyperthyroid petor know anyone who has with radioactive iodine treatment? They say the anti-thyroid drugs are for life and eventually it is likely to become cancerous anyway if it isn't now (our ~10 year old cat was just diagnosed yesterday, along with a slightly...
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    Comment by 'lunariris' in article 'Take Special Care Of Your Cat On Halloween'

    Hannah1369 I'm so sorry for your losses. I truly feel for you and wish you nothing but the best. Hopefully one day we will get to be reunited with our loved ones again somehow. **hugs** 
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    Revolution...Does it burn?

    With all our cats, we use Revolution as needed (intended for once a month use) without problems, yet they seem to be bothered more that it's a cold and wet liquid going on them than by anything else, including smell. I put it on them when everyone's eating, and I pre-pop the containers before...
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    If you go to, I believe it's called,,  you can buy Revolution without a vet prescription. It's based in Australia, and you don't need a vet approval for it in Australia, just here in the US, so you should be able to order it from there without a problem.  It also may help...
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    New kitten with 2 elderly cats

    We have a young 6-month-old as well I saved back when she was just 5 weeks old, and almost all of our other cats are between 8-12 years old, so they are much less hyper than her.  Generally, she stays in my room if I'm not home to supervise interactions between them. When introducing them, I...
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    Cat is terrified of riding in the car

    Every cat is different with preferences when travelling. I raised most of our kitties myself and got them used to the carrier early, which always helps a great deal, so in an emergency we don't have to waste hours finding and catching our own pets when you only have minutes to work with. When...
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    Comment by 'lunariris' in article 'Seven Rare Cat Breeds You May Not Know'

    As a side note, something I noticed here is for Serengeti it says "entirely domestic". However, if it is mixed with Bengal, that is not true, as Bengals are domestic hybrids themselves, mixed with Asian Leopard cats. 
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    Dental Issues in Cats

    Is it uncommon for cats over age 10 to have issues with their teeth or have teeth that need to be removed? I've heard that around 80% of all cats have some form of gingivitis by age 5, and that you should brush your cat's teeth. Yet this is a new concept and wasn't even an option a decade ago...
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    Cats and Ages VS Diet and Vaccines

    Hello everyone.  Most of us know indoor cats, spayed or neutered, live an average of 15-20 years, and outdoor or indoor-outdoor generally only up to 5 years, but can live much much longer. However, it's not clear how long they live compared to their diet and vaccine schedule. Everyone says one...