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    Completed Signatures - Part 2

    Wow I love the background on this signature. Love all the other signatures too. Their all looking fabby.
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    Siggy Instructions

    I found the instructions which icklemiss21 made, extreamly helpful. Thats all I used for learning how to make signatures. They are wonderful.
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    Making signature backgrounds....HOW??

    How do you make all those wonderful signature backgrounds? Does anyone have instructions or something? I'm not too good when it comes to making new things on photoshop. lol Thank you *LuLu*
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    Air Fresheners

    Same!!! Might try one of the ones you guys use though. I love trying out air fresheners!!
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    OMG, there is a cougar on the loose...

    Omg...some animals are so scary. lol My cousin and her uncle saw a black panther while they were out on a walk. It was on the cricket field which is behind the train station so very open. So glad I wasn't there.
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    OMG, there is a cougar on the loose...

    Ooh haha Thats good chance of it coming to England then...I hope
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    I hope you don't mind but I've borrowed this background to make my first signature with Max and Billy in.
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    Changing Signature

    Ok thank you I have e-mailed one of the admins
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    Anybody want 2 cats???? Free to a semi-decent home...

    I have that problem too!!! Max always seems to chew the laces on my shoes...its so annoying because when I go to do them up again I find half of it missing. I've brought two new pairs of laces because the others were all chewed up. lol Stupid cat! And Billy just enjoys wrecking the curtains. He...
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    OK Its summer time

    Aww, he's looks really comfy...bless him
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    =WC= Rupert is back! and under the couch

    Aww, isn't he a sweetie. That picture has come out so clear. Its fantastic.
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    Tortie comparison thread!

    Aww, everyones Tortie is gorgeous!!!
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    Father day!....( be lated...)

    Aww...kisses...Bless Thats so sweet.