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    Indoor Cat Keeps Rushing Outside

    Hi! I have had my cat, Luka(age 9 mos) for about three months now. We adopted a puppy around Christmas and have to take her outside through our side door to go potty. Luka has become increasingly curious about the door, sitting beside it when we go outside, looking out the window at us, etc...
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    Kitten and new puppy playing too rough!!

    Thank you so much, that’s a big relief! I’ve been worried, I don’t want either one to get hurt! :)
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    Kitten and new puppy playing too rough!!

    Hello!! We adopted now-7 month old kitty Luka two months ago. two weeks ago, we brought home 3 month old puppy Millie. We tried to take things slow but Luka was immediately obsessed with Millie- running out of his room to look at/play with her constantly. We let them meet each other, each one in...
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    Teenage kitten ALWAYS chomping his tail!

    Thanks everyone for your responses! He has lots and lots of toys (I have a bad habit, every time I go to the grocery store or a new part of town I buy him a new toy). So far, I haven't noticed any damage to the tail. I hope he's just playing!!! That would be awesome and a big relief. I...
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    Teenage kitten ALWAYS chomping his tail!

    We adopted Luka, a 6-7 month old kitten roughly a month ago. Since he came home, he has been constantly chewing on his tail. He does it for 20-30 minutes at a time multiple times a day, not usually associated with grooming any other part of his body. I also think he does it more than I’m aware...
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    new to cats, want some advice

    I’m not sure I’m in correct in this, but I believe I think cats will hunt small prey and leave them for you as gifts. It typically means they love you. I actually haven’t researched this but that’s what I’ve always been told.
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    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

    This is my little Luka!! And by little I mean giant teenager boy 😍 At 3 PM every day he climbs up on me and takes a nap right on my face/neck.
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    How can you tell when your cat is relaxed?--Post your pictures here

    Hmmm usually when he curls up right on my face 😍
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    Help with 1.5yr old Adoptee - Multiple Behavioural Issues

    Hi!!! I’m sorry you’re dealing with this and THANK YOU for sticking with him and working with him! I have a few ideas I heard while working at a shelter, I thought I’d share in case they haven’t been mentioned. For the litter box, I would try slowing switching over to a different litter. For...
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    2 months in - 10 y/o and 7 month old. Still swatting?

    I would say, just because they CAN be left alone together 24/7, doesn’t necessarily mean they should. The Queen Gracie may still want a little bit of “alone” time just to chill out and have the kingdom all to herself for a bit. Maybe try separating for a small period of time every 12 hours or so...
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    Just to make sure- we are playing, right?

    Thank you ALL so much for your responses!! You’ve given me so much information and I’m so grateful for your help!! 😊 It seems as though he is enjoying it as a game, but I’ve decided to only engage sparingly so as not to encourage him to start playfully attacking my legs. I’m sure I’ll have...
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    Just to make sure- we are playing, right?

    Hi! I’m a first time cat owner of a 6-month old kitten. We recently started playing this game during his hyper times and I want to make sure it’s all fun and I’m not actually scaring him. He will peek around a corner, and I will jump or fake run at him. He then turns and runs away into another...