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    How relieve constipation in cats?

    There may be a low cost vet clinic in your area. Try a Google search and ignore the low cost spay / neuter ones that will probably come up. Banfield, the vet hospital located in many Petsmart stores, has a free first visit but all that is done is a general physical exam of the cat (listen to the...
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    Christmas and Cookies (and other snacks)

    Could it be lebkuchen, German spiced Christmas cookies?
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    Cat vomiting every couple of days...

    My IBD cat also has asthma. The asthma was discovered when the vet tapered off the pred and stopped it. He put my cat back on pred for another few weeks and then tapered off and stopped it. That was enough to control both the asthma and IBD. Hope your vet can figure out the cause of the...
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    Question of the Day - Monday, December 9, 2019

    A local specialty food shop. It's a great way to support a local business and gives you a reason to walk in to browse and make a purchase that you wouldn't have done otherwise.
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    Kitten eating cat food

    I wouldn't feed a cat on a table or counter or anything if at all possible. It just teaches them that those areas are for food and eating and encourages them to counter / table surf for your food and scraps. Not something most guests want to see :oops: It's fine for both cats to eat the same...
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    Wet food only diet: How many cans do you feed you your kitty per day and how often?

    Feed by calories needed daily, not the size of the can. Cans vary greatly in amount of calories. 3 oz can tend to have under 100 calories while 5.5 oz cans maybe around 150 or so. The calorie content is on the label in teeny tiny print. Many canned foods are also on this chart...
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    Cat vomiting every couple of days...

    It sound like it could be IBD. The vet would have to do a biopsy to confirm. Many people opt for the lesser expensive ultrasound. Pred will help. It typically is given twice daily for a few weeks before the vet determines it's ok to slowly taper off based on symptoms. Other medicines may be...
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    Hand cream / lotion suggestions

    I'll have to take a look the next time I go. The store may keep the brand on a bottom shelf where I never look. So far the beeswax cream has nearly turned my hands normal again:yess: The cracked bleeding spots are slowly healing and no longer painful. Hopefully the jar will last all winter...
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    Share Your Indoor Plant Pictures

    You know what you can do? When you take a shower or bath, put the air plants on the counter or wherever there is space so they can soak in the humidity. Leave the air plants in the bathroom with the door closed for half an hour or so after you're done so they can soak up as much humidity as...
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    Pancreatitis and food

    Try this old thread for suggestions: Best Food For Pancreatitis? It used to be thought that low fat foods are best for cats with pancreatitis. Not sure if that is still the case.
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    Is it bad to use water down bleach on plastic food bowls?

    A diluted 10% bleach solution is fine. You could even soak the bowl in the bleach solution for a few minutes. Rinse the bowl thoroughly with water afterwards.
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    Just to clarify on raw

    Even packaged raw chicken and turkey can sometimes contain extra added stuff. I've seen store brand of raw chicken breasts with added sodium solution as a preservative:dunno: It was noted in teen tiny print on the label.
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    Hand cream / lotion suggestions

    I don't think I've ever seen Amlactin :think: Does any pharmacy or big box store sell it?
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    Just to clarify on raw

    Read the package label. You don't want meat that has broth, sodium solutions, flavorings ("natural" or otherwise), etc added.