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    is chicken the same as chicken by product meal

    Are you looking for novel protein, LID type foods? Here are some others to consider: BLUE Basics® Limited Ingredient Cat Food | Blue Buffalo Limited Ingredient Diet - Grain Free Cat | Merrick Pet Care Cat Food - Limited Ingredient Diet - Kohapet Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet | Instinct Pet...
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    small, preferably 1oz freezable ziplock bags?

    You can also buy freeze dried organs at pet stores or online. Easier to store and feed as needed :) https://www.vitalessentialsraw.com/product/ve-raw-bar-freeze-dried-duck-hearts/ https://shop.unleashednaturals.com/products/raw-freeze-dried-chicken-gizzards...
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    BIG Cat Tree Recs Please!

    These threads have suggestions if you haven't already seen them: https://thecatsite.com/threads/cat-tree-for-maine-coon.361708/ https://thecatsite.com/threads/cat-trees-for-big-breeds-any-suggestions.357054/...
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    Rawz and H&G Comparable

    Try the suggestions in these threads: https://thecatsite.com/threads/cheaper-wet-foods-in-canada.392954/ https://thecatsite.com/threads/modestly-priced-canned-cat-food-in-canada.342365/ https://thecatsite.com/threads/buying-cat-food-in-canada.373446...
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2019

    What if a couple has a CBD / marijuana / cannabis / similar product wedding but doesn't disclose it to the guests until after the event, if at all? 😮 You know there are people who are like that. If guests end up ill or get into an accident going home afterwards because they become disoriented or...
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2019

    There's a new up and coming trend in weddings.... marijuana weddings 😮 https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2019/11/10/when-bride-dreaming-cannabis-wedding/hyVOfByrtZUZnTZOMlCYeM/story.html Would you attend such a wedding if you knew about the CBD / marijuana / cannabis / other similar products...
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    Can you teach a kitten to sleep through the night?

    These tips might work better for older kittens and cats: https://thecatsite.com/ams/how-to-stop-my-cat-from-waking-me-up-at-night-step-by-step-plan.33461/ https://thecatsite.com/ams/cats-and-night-crazies.22303/ I've never had a problem with Leroy waking me up when he was a kitten and before I...
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    Does my cat need a sweater?

    You can get SnuggleSafe pads off Amazon and pet supply web sites like Chewy.com You may want to compare prices first. Normal cost is around $30. Some Amazon sellers sell the SnuggleSafe for a ridiculous amount and want shipping cost on top of that. Your local pet store (Petco, Petsmart...
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    Planning My Wedding - Lari is married!

    Saw this and thought it was a nice article about getting together for a wedding: https://www.wbur.org/cognoscenti/2019/11/08/my-daughters-wedding-julie-wittes-schlack
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    Life's Betta With A Fish

    Or someone might use the tank for a plant-only terrarium or as a greenhouse to hold potted plants in or some crafty project :)
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    Marshmallow Bed

    There are some similar beds with reviews here on TCS: https://thecatsite.com/showcase/categories/cat-beds-sofas.388/ That bed is similar to the Slumber Ball DrsFosterandSmith.com used to sell. You can buy a bean bag for yourself (or DIY one) and it could double as a cat bed :)
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    small, preferably 1oz freezable ziplock bags?

    Or freeze the organs in a single layer in baking sheet and then store them in a baggie. If a baking sheet doesn't fit in your freezer, just use whatever shallow container you may have on hand.
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 9th of November

    What a waste of an expensive cake. Ok, maybe it's just a slice or two and not the entire cake but still :headshake: I don't see why everyone needs to have a traditional cake. Why not cupcakes instead? Or maybe a chocolate bar instead of cake and another thing to appeal to those who don't eat /...
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    Veterans Day

  15. LTS3

    small, preferably 1oz freezable ziplock bags?

    I use something similar to these: https://www.target.com/p/ziploc-square-extra-small-container-8ct/-/A-16601093 That works too :agree: A standard ice cube tray may be too small but there are larger 2 oz ice cube trays one can buy.