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    What temperature is your thermostat set?

    We keep ours at 70 during the winter
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    Question of the Day - January 30th

    Yes love spicy food Stuffed cream cheese Jalapenos, Spicy Chili, Love Mexican food, anything with a kick to it im goos with it.
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    Smudge's Colorado Cafe - the sequel!

    Aww thanks mew I have missed all my friends too. I will sure try to come around more if meowmy will just share the computer haha, Might have to paw at her everynow and then to let her know it's my turn to type hehe. But everything is going good these day, a bit cold got some snow this morning...
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    Smudge's Colorado Cafe - the sequel!

    Aww thanks for the warm welcomes back purring hugs sent to you all
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    What's your story?

    Hi Im Howler and I was rescued but not from a shelter but I was living outside and my moewmy took me in. I had found my way to this ladies house who ended up being my meowmys mother in law and i had been sleeping on her porch until Meowmy came along and seen me out there and asked to take me...
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    Smudge's Colorado Cafe - the sequel!

    Hello (Meow) Everybody~ Its me Howler It has been some time since i have visited, How is everything going? A round of Catnip tea for everyone too. I have been spending most of my days sitting in the window watching the birds flying around and landing in our backyard, oh how is wish i could...
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    A couple of Boomer

    First off I love the name~ He is adorable and really liking the sweater
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    My Puppies + Kitty!

    Awww adorable love them yorkie's they are so cute
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    Sammy, Scooter & Marley

    Some of the pics are not showing up for me but a few did. They are adorable. Sammy looks relaxed and so sweet
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    Aww look at them eyes how adorable
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    My fish and birds.

    Wow great pics of the fish Really clear images. The birds are beautiful
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    aww she is so sweet what a little cutie
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    Tons of dog pictures

    They are all so cute but I love Sammys Expression that was great sure made me smile Thanks for sharing with us
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    Hello TCS!

    Hello and Welcome to TheCatSite Lily is adorable Have fun and see you around the site