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    Insect Invasion

    Thank you for your responses. I especially like the suggestions about using a detergent and water mixture to kill the wasps. I did buy some some wasp spray but I really didn't want to use it in the kitchen, especially on the counters or over the sink. I actually haven't had a wasp inside for...
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    One Has To Go.....Fruit!

    They all look good except for pineapple.
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    Insect Invasion

    For the past 2 or 3 weeks I've had a problem with black wasps getting inside my house. This morning I killed wasp number 7. :shocked: I have no idea how these wasps are getting in, but they always seem to be behind the blinds in my kitchen window. Once they come out in the open where I can...
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    Cat has swollen nose bridge and I’m FREAKING out

    Years ago I had a cat who liked to swat at bees....until he was stung on the nose. He didn't have any ill effects from this, and the same thing may have happen to your cat. Like the previous person said, have a vet check the cat if the swelling continues.
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    You can choose one item.....

    Drink diet coke and you can drink more every day. I'm another one in favor of calorie free ice cream! 🍧
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    Two have to go

    Apple juice and koolaid, ;) and I really want to add two more... chocolate milk and sweet tea.
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    Same here! I'm planing to get my shingles vaccine at the drug store on Tuesday, and maybe I can get my tetanus booster when I see my primary care provider in a about a month. Also, I was putting off going to the eye doctor, but I now have an appointment for that in a month too.
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    Maine Coon kitten chewing fur off tail

    Since you recently adopted Albus it possibly is just stress while he is still adjusting to a new environment, and maybe being around a dog for the first time. Be sure to get your vet's opinion about this.
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    What's your favorite way to eat potatoes?

    I like baked with butter and I also like fries.
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    You forgot a gift......

    Just an old used napkin.o_O
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    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? - 2021

    I'm in Minnesota too. It's so strange the way we went from below normal temperatures Memorial Day weekend with frost advisories at night to about 8 straight days of temps in the 90's. Just once I would like a nice pretty spring that steadily and consistently keeps gradually getting warmer...
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    My vet's office blew up

    Since all this happened a few days ago, I'm assuming the rescued animals have been reunited with their owners. Is the vet clinic planing to relocate to a temporary location?
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    so I have a ghost cat... seriously

    My cat Sweetie got very sick and passed away a year and a half ago. After he passed, I sometimes heard purring at night in my room, and I don't have other cats. I had a very strange experience several years ago involving a human ghost. A year after my son was killed in a very violent head on...
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    Newly adopted cat won’t eat or drink

    She might be really scared since she's in a new environment. Try putting her in a really quiet room with food and water. Just leave her alone for awhile and see if she'll feel safe enough to eat. And keep talking to your vet.
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    Question of the Day - Tuesday, March 2

    I would be be arrested for disturbing the peace for suddenly screaming hysterically out in public for no reason anyone can figure out. BTW, I love that picture of the cat escaping from it's carrier. And I'm really glad none of my cats learned to do that.