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    Was this the right decision?

    🤣🤣 I would love to see this! Is there a reason, aside from convenience, you don’t want to feed her wet? It’s actually MUCH better for her. If it’s just a question of timing, there are automatic feeders. If you are just going to be gone 24 hours, this would work fine.
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    Cat sick. Low appetite, throw up & dirrahea.

    I don’t have a lot of experience with diarrhea in cats. Mine went through a bout of it when she had a small amount of hair plugging up her intestine. I would say the most important thing, until you can get to your vet, is to make sure he’s getting enough water. My girl wants baby food when her...
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    How to safely store dry cat food?

    I‘m not sure how nice I would be about it. If they didn’t bother to eradicate them before re-renting, they may not respond to an easy touch. I would check the rental laws wherever you live, and bone up on it before you speak to them. Know your rights. You should be able to demand they take...
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    How to safely store dry cat food?

    Someone told me that there are mites in all dry food, and to freeze it as quickly as possible. When I get a new bag of food, I separate it into freezer bags and put it in the freezer. I defrost as I need it. I have one of those OXO containers that has the sealing lid when you depress it. It’s...
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    Has anyone successfully trained a cat to not go on the counter and/or dinner table?

    Yes, after once or twice, she would not go back up. However, cats don’t have great memories, and this is just a scary noise, not a dog trying to kill them or something. You may find you have to use it again in six months, or a year. Every cat will be different. You can sprinkle a little haze of...
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    Cat Food Recall Recalled Cat Food Updates

    I gave my cat some peanut butter on a spoon once. She loved it. Unfortunately, she spent the next forty-five minutes trying to clean, presumably the smell or stickiness, from her face and paws. After that, she won’t touch it.
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    Crazy kitten, young parent.

    If you do decide to get another kitten, don’t think that you must pay what you did before. A shelter will not be cagey with you, and will know the personality of their kitties, and which may be a good fit for your boy.
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    Has anyone successfully trained a cat to not go on the counter and/or dinner table?

    Yes, I have. My cat never was one to go on the counters. She has always been a hesitant jumper, and I think she is deterred from it being high enough that she doesn’t know exactly what is on the spot she is jumping onto. However, the dining room table has chairs. 🙄 I used tinfoil for a while...
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    How to get a cat to be willing to try freeze dried/air dried food?

    Cats go by smell almost exclusively, not taste. A cat has fewer than 500 taste buds, unlike a human, who has over 9000. So instead of it being a situation of- if only I could get them to taste it- it would have to smell differently. You could try something like chicken broth, but as others have...
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    I Have to Rehome My Cat

    Maybe someone has her inside somewhere. It’s very possible, people think a cat is a stray, and may not think they’re lost.
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    My Cat keeps scratching the new sofa

    You have to protect the sofas, but you also have to give them an alternative. You said scratching posts. Do they have any cardboard scratchers? My cat rarely uses sisal posts, however she LOVES cardboard scratchers. Make sure and give them a choice- horizontal and vertical. Put the vertical ones...
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    Feral cat/stray cat? NONSTOP trilling

    Awww…congratulations, you have been accepted into the Pride. 😊 Looks like in the photos that these cats have hit the jackpot, and they know it. New surroundings are stressful, but being safe inside has got to feel great, especially to Lavender who gets beat up. The only thing he needs at his...
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    Dr elsey litter

    I also use cooking spray on a cleaned box. It works amazingly well. You can use a spray, or just wipe on vegetable oil.
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    Cat runs away from me since using nail polish and nail polish remover on my hands

    Yes. I have had to throw away lotion before that my cat hated. Once, she freaked out and hissed at me. When they get used to you smelling a certain way, they don’t like change.
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    Stuck in Trees

    If these are particular trees in your own yard, you can put a piece of smooth metal around the trunk, or just chicken wire. There are some online things you can buy, or make. As said...