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    Ideas to entertain a bored kitty during the workday

    Is she food motivated? IF so my vet recommended I challenge her with food to stimulate her. I bought one of those things where she had to scoop out the food to eat it and I'd give a few pieces and then I'd go and hide the rest somewhere in my apartment. She loved hunting for it! I also sometimes...
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    new kitten

    Kittens and cats sometimes jump on countertops and sinks - some do it a lot - it''s just part of their nature. Some can be trained out of it some can't. One of mine has started to sleep beside my toaster and there doesn't seem to be much I can do as she is incredibly mischievous!
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    My cat attacked my daughter unprovoked

    I think your cat had a very bad interaction in their previous home and your daughter is triggering her, just by existing. If she is attacking unprovoked and hurting a human - a baby no less - I would not have her living in the same home as a child. If that scratch had been a bit different your...
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    Constantly looking for food

    I think someone above stated it best. Yelling, shooing, redirecting etc likely is less appreciated by your cats than being put in a safe room. What is it about being separate from you that makes you feel bad? Sometimes you have to do something that makes you uncomfortable if it's for their...
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    How do I stop mother cat from relentlessly stealing food?

    It's also possible that her previous owners didn't feed her regularly and let her fend for herself a lot. Ripping into and eating human food may have been the only way she got food. And really, if they were the type of people to just leave her they were not likely taking care of her needs...
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    Another kitten Intro

    Allegra needed a permanent kitten friend and today I officially adopted Cadbury Cream Egg! I struggled which of the foster kittens to pick and in the end I picked Cadbury as she seemed the most compatible with Allegra. As time went by I am glad I picked her as they have been developing a bond...
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    Which kitten to pick?

    She's still a kitten herself - almost 4.5 months old. She was the smallest of the litter and eats less than these 2 month old kittens. She is scrawny but growing long. I think she will end up being a medium size cat?
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    Which kitten to pick?

    The results are already happening here. Local cat rescues reported higher numbers of abandoned cats/kittens/ferrals rescued in 2020 than any other year. I think everyone wanted cats/kittens in the beginning of covid but couldn't afford to spay/feed them and started to abandon them throughout the...
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    Which kitten to pick?

    I too feel Cadbury is the better fit. I'm so relieved that all three responses agree! Laurie - Where I live in Ontario cats and esp kittens are so scarce with covid that any and all kittens will have multiple applications within hours regardless of personality, thankfully.
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    Which kitten to pick?

    I KNOW I am overthinking this, but want to pick the kitten best suited to my kitten. I have a litter of three foster kittens that are about 2 months old, one seems a smidge older and likely from another litter. They are getting fixed on Monday so I have until then to pick which one to adopt as...
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    Newly Adopted Kitten advice

    I lot of feral rescue groups advocate that feral kittens need to be socailized by 4-5 months or it's too late. OP is that what you refer to when you state she is past spcialization age? If so you don't need to worry. By getting her into foster care she has already been socialized to humans and...
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    At what age do you allow foster kittens to meet your cat?

    Thanks for your response! Two of the fosters are 8 weeks old and one is 3+ months. My own kitten is dying to meet them, but of course I'll wait.
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    At what age do you allow foster kittens to meet your cat?

    When I took Allegra to get her shot, the vet (not my normal vet) seemed nervous that I wanted to allow her access to future foster kittens and advocated for fosters to stay separate. We decided to do the fiv vaccine even though she is indoors for extra protection with fosters. No way am I...
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    Guys I don’t think we can do this anymore...

    They were buddies and after 2 years a container of food fell and shortly after they ran from the room and collided into each other as they ran. Scarlett interpreted this as an attack and went craaaazy. I had them separate and both were put on meds to help. I did the food through the door, toys...
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    Guys I don’t think we can do this anymore...

    thanks, I have come to peace with it. When I put her down the relief that came with it made me feel a lot of guilt. I've moved on. I hope you are able to figure things out!