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    New self cleaning litter box with app feature

    We have the wifi one and I love it. I like knowing when it's stuck right away or full so I can fix it. Our LR2 had a nice, long life of over 10 years so I'm looking forward to this one lasting just as long.
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    High Calcium Levels

    We're in the same situation. The ionized calcium came back high. The x-ray came back with something unidentified in his stomach (he fasted, but I guess he was still digesting?) and poop in his intestines that looked hard. We were afraid he was constipated, so we gave him pumpkin and he was...
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    High Calcium Levels

    We are in the same situation—took cats in for their routine blood work and Thorin (11y/o male) has calcium at 11.8. Our vet says that 10.8 is normal. One of his anal glands might be impacted, but the vet is concerned it is a tumor. They are doing the same ionized calcium test on Saturday along...
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    Friend of Ferals Award Badge - Apply Here

    My neighborhood has a ton of feral cats. The first one we started feeding was Heathclif. He was afraid of me at first but I slowly worked up to petting him. It took 3 years for us to catch him to get neutered! Now we have my neighbor’s cat who had kittens 8 weeks ago and is pregnant again. The...