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    Has something ever happened...

    My father committing suicide when I was 16. How in the heck can you be so selfish to leave your kid behind. I learned that purposley taking your life, for your own good, hurts the ones that loved them, more than whatever kind of pain they were going through. I would never ever EVER do that...
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    I missed Grease last night...

    It's ok, I seen it... Only the usual stuff happens. I won't spoil it for you though. But I can say it ends with a flying car.
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    Do I work today or no??

    And holy shmacks...I forgot you were pregnant. Yeah, go to work tomarrow. Sheesh, take the rest of the week off if you want.
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    Do I work today or no??

    Tomarrow. I had an Dr's excuse once, and it said no work untill the 6th of, and he said that ment no work on the 6th, and I should return to work on the 7th. But in any case, I would make sure your work is ok with that, and maybe even call the DR and ask to clarify.
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    Question of the day: 6-15-07

    He drives CRAZY. Absolutly insane. It's like being on a really scary roller coaster, and I shut my eyes at the top of the hill, only in the car, I shut my eyes at the interections. haahaha. Me, I'm kind of a speed limit follower. But ever scince we moved to Florida, I have not driven yet. It is...
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    Any 3rd shifters?

    Very nice idea. I will check into that.
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    Swimming lesson Phobia

    The answer to that when I ask her is "Because." Notice the period. It's just "Because." And that's that. She gets mad, and kind of embarrassed when others ask her about it. I havent been pushing her, they said just to let her sit in the shallow part, untill she's ready. It's just so wierd...
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    Any 3rd shifters?

    That's what I was worried about...The REM sleep. And how increments wasn't going to work. I'm gonna have to figure something out. The problem with finding someone to watch the kid, is just that. We just moved to Florida, and we only have a few select people we know for right now, and they are...
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    Any 3rd shifters?

    I accepted a third shift job, and will be working 10pm, to 5am, Sunday thru Wednesday. It's good pay, and I'll like it, but When Oh When will I sleep? How do you third shifters do that? I didnt think I could ever ever do it, but obviously, I took the job, so there must be an inkling in me...
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    Swimming lesson Phobia

    So I guess I just need some thoughts as to why this has happened, because I sure can't figure it out. This might get long because it's a wierd situation. My daughter (3 years old) has been going to swimming lessons Monday thru Thursday for 4 weeks now. The first 2 weeks she did AWESOME. My MIL...
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    What's for dinner tonight?

    Spaghetti, and garlic bread, and carrots.
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    Big Girls Don't Cry.

    That's how my friend was. She read this book, and I actually think the name of it was "Don't sweat the small stuff." Then she read another one I believe in that series of books, called "Don't sweat the small stuff in love" She changed alot after that. I do not read much, because I don't think I...
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    Big Girls Don't Cry.

    I know this silly. I just wanted to think of a good title. And I like it.
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    Help me win this arguement!

    I'm not sure she was asking for advice much. I think it was more of a argument breaker. Her DH doesnt want her to buy that car, or he thinks they don't need it. She wants to buy it, and thinks they need it. I think she was just simply looking for a reassurace that could help her side of the...
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    Oooo! I have a girl-crush on Jennifer Aniston. She's adorable. As for Brad and Angelina-I hear they break up often? Didn't know if that was true.