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    Cat Sudden Behaviour Change, Only Towards Me

    She is probably not mad no, but cats are like humans sometimes they want to be alone. kittens need our protection and seek reassurance as they become older they want a bit more space. they still love you as much as before but they like their alone time. What happens if you ignore her for a few...
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    Cat Sudden Behaviour Change, Only Towards Me

    Why not going over her and talk sweetly to her, exchange an eye kiss and then let her be.. But let her know first that you miss her
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    Cat Sudden Behaviour Change, Only Towards Me

    Hi, Don't worry she still loves you. You probably did not to do anything. She is just a teenage girl. You said it yourself you felt like she used to think of you as mother, well now that she is a teen and like any teen she is more interested into making new friendship than spending time with...
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    5 Months Old And Smashing My Place Apart

    She look pretty adorable on that photo. Having another black cat named Luna I have to admit I am especially appreciative of her :) Secondly you sound exhausted and that probably makes everything harder for you. I truly hope you don't think that she is a "little peace of shit" but that you are...
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    A Plea For Help

    It sounds like their was an incident at that time (maybe because the 7 year old did not recognize him) and that leads him to see your 7 year old cat as a menace hence the attacks. Separating them seems the only way to fix it right now (and it is doable!!). Do you live in a 1 or 2 bedroom appartment?
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    A Plea For Help

    Can you separate them for a short while? When did it started ? Check out those articles and let us know what you think: Re-directed Aggression In Cats How To Deal With Non-recognition Aggression In Cats Six Surefire Strategies To Reduce Stress In Cats I would personally reintroduce them. I...
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    Cat Attacking Me? (feral Cat)

    Hi, I am sorry to hear this. Does this happens when you stroke her? Two things come to mind: it is very common that cats after being stroked over and over again get overstimulated: then they will ask you to stop it by moving their tail (and other signals) and if you don't stop they will bite you...
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    A Plea For Help

    Hi, I am sorry to hear this. I a few ideas: 1. Give tons of places to go up for your 7 year old cat. Height build confidence in cats 2. Do you know what triggers the agression of the youngest ? Does he hiss and growl ? If not it might be play from his side but your cat might not understand it 3...
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    New Here With A New 5 Month Old Calico With A Question

    Does your basement have a window she can look out from? If no I would personally not leave her there, she could get bored and it can be a bit claustrophobic for them if they don't have windows. Personally but this is personal I would kitten proof my home and let her roam free: I would feel that...
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    Kitten Play-attacking My Arm

    Hi, She might simply be bored and get you to go out of bed. What do you usually do? As soon as she does it I would put her out the room and close the door. The idea is to let her know that biting you means no sleeping with you. I would also procure her with cat toys that she can wrestle and...
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    It So Hard To Talk About This.. But Need Advise..

    Hey I don't have any thing especially smart to say but I wanted to let you know that I am with you and send you good vibes. You are in a very tough situation, one that could happen to many of us and that non of us wish to be in (we actually all dread it). I would just add two things : 1. I am...
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    Advice Needed: Flying With My Cat Or Boarding Or Pet-sitter?

    Hi, I have a 1 year old cat, we live in the US. I have a family emergency that will require me to be in France for over a month, the problem is that I have doubts about what will be the best for my cat. She already went to France and back when she was 6 month old (to france )and 8 month old...
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    New Cat Mom Here, Not Sure If My 6mo Old Is Being Too Needy?

    Hi. Cats tend to be more active in the morning and in the evening like at around dawn and around sunset. It's totally normal that she wants to interract you at this time as you are also up, when your husband wakes up she is already in nap time so is not trying to play with him. I would not...
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    What Would You Do?

    The key is patience and doing it slowly. Just let the harness close to her toys for a few days, then putting it on while giving her treats ect.. You stop when his is unconfortable and you rewared her patience. That way he will associate the harness with good things. However ultimately it is...
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    Fostering What I Should Know Before

    Hi, I have been thinking for a while of fostering. I am going through a breakup and a move so I want to wait until my resident cat settles down in her new home and is confident before doing it. But I was thinking about starting to foster in the spring. It has been a while I want to do it for so...