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    So sorry to hear about your daughter's cat's situation. I had a cat, who at 16 years, was diagnosed with bladder cancer and took Onsior daily for about 9 months. His weight at the time was around 11 pounds. This was back in 2013 and using Onsior at all, let alone off-label was rather new.  Our...
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    Is this too much to keep my cat alive? Or: Am I being selfish?

    My 18-1/2 year old cat recently had a similar situation. He has mid-kidney disease with restrictive cardiomyopathy which presents like a murmur. He's needed a dental for a couple years now, but my vet has said it was too dangerous. Last month he started drooling and his lower jaw started...
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    Radioactive Iodine treatment and early stage hyperthyroidism

    We took one of our cats at age 12 to see Dr. Broome in socal, if that's where you are going. Fortunately for us, his facility is just a quick trip down the freeway. My cat's nodule was not big, and my cat wasn't very sickly looking, but he required treatment. My cat just had blood drawn last...
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    Has anyone tried the new Rad Cat ?

    My three cats love the new venison and the beef. My local store has not started stocking them because of space constrictions, but they have been happy to order it in for me.  I'm happy for the variety.  No one likes the chicken and one cat is tired of the turkey.  
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    Adding extra taurine

    I buy the taurine in 1000mg capsules.  Usually I prepare my food 2 pounds at a time, so I just open and pour in the whole capsule. If I only make 1 pound, I don't measure by 1/4 teaspoon, I just pour in 1/2 capsule.  1/4 teaspoon may be more than 1/2 capsule, but...I'm sure it's fine. I do use...
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    Adding extra taurine

    I don't have any scientific backing to my method, mschauer would be the one to speak to for that, but I always use Alnutrin with my raw ground meats and sometimes with my cooked meats, and I add additional taurine to my cooked meat when I mix with Alnutrin.   Just to be clear, Alnutrin has...
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    Budesonide suspension or capsule?

    I have given my cat Budesonide for awhile now, and I have not heard of any preferred method for medication.  I started out giving him the capsule form, but he doesn't love pills.  We switched to a soft chew treat (VetChews) compounded by BCP Vet Pharmacy, out of Houston.  I don't live in TX, it...
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    Ziwipeak moist food - Anyone has had issues with it ?

    I got my first cans as samples.  I had looked around and couldn't find it.  I happened to be in my vet's office when a ZiwiPeak sales rep came in.  I mentioned I wanted to try the cans but was having difficulty finding them locally.  She mailed me three different flavors to try.  I now buy it...
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    Ziwipeak moist food - Anyone has had issues with it ?

    It is definitely too pricey if your cat won't eat it.  I agree that the cans seem a little light in weight.  I feed my cats by grams of food.  The can says 85 grams, but as I'm doling out the food to each plate, it seems a bit short.  Some of the food sticks to the side, and I do a bit of...
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    Is canned food with any kind fish oil bad for cats with FLUTD?

    Like I said, I'm not convinced that diet is the end all with this problem, but like you, I try to get the right combo of everything for the benefit of my cats.  Their food options certainly got better over the years as we tried to get rid of all the grains, then lowered carbs...but my cat kept...
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    Ziwipeak moist food - Anyone has had issues with it ?

    I primarily feed a home-cooked or home-prepared raw meat diet with a little RadCat (commercial raw) thrown in for good measure, but I also feed ZiwiPeak canned for some variety.  My cats love the Rabbit & Lamb, Beef, and Venison (new recipe) versions.  I haven't noticed any problems with the fat...
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    Is canned food with any kind fish oil bad for cats with FLUTD?

    For reference, my cat had cystitis for many years and eventually he was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  Clearly he had bladder issues beyond most FLUTD cats, as that cancer is very rare in cats.  Since some of this discussion is focusing on fish oil, and the appropriate Omega-3/Omega-6...
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    Our cat's creatinine is 7.7 and rises fast. What can we do?

    I worked my way through Puck's recommendations, wanted to express my best wishes, and share the treatment given to our cat.  He lost his battle last October, CRF, Hyper-T, and bladder cancer, but he gave a great fight.   We were under care of an internist, specialty of radiology/endocrine...
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    Arthritic cat with toilet tray woes

    I recently lost my 17 year old who had CRF, Hyperthyroidism, and cancer.  In his last few months he experienced similar problems to your cat, where he would collapse in the litter box when having a bowel movement.  A topic that hasn't been mentioned yet is whether your cat is in any way...
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    Need a New Way to Force Feed

    I will say that regardless of how sick your cat is, they can show amazing force and obstinance when being force fed.  I kept trying with a 5 ml syringe on the bathroom counter.  After a few disastrous attempts, we found a happy medium.  It required a lot more effort on my part, but the food...