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    Giardia and Roundworm, re treat another dose?

    Panacure does have to be repeated. Five days on, ten days off, five days on, ten days off, five days on, ten days off...Until your veterinarian gives you the okay to stop. Once won't do the job, I'm afraid. If he was used to living outside, try putting dirt or soil in a litter box. If he goes...
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    Canadian Canned Food Question...Again.

    Last time he had a fit, he threw up twice, too. He isn't nervous. He's absolutely bomb-proof. His pancreatic enzymes and tylan are in capsules so that he doesn't have a reaction to them, and he doesn't react to his Oval. This can occur ages before or after a meal, too. Someone I was talking to...
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    Differing vet opinions on dental cleaning

    I think each veterinarian is different. I live in a town where there are a lot of clinics, and there are a couple that definitely have a reputation for pushing things on people. Conversely, I knew one clinic that would just do the minimum, although that veterinarian did a lot of low-cost...
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    Canadian Canned Food Question...Again.

    His regular veterinarian shrugged off the fits as nothing, but when the cat can't breathe, is foaming at the mouth, shoving his hands in his mouth and flinging foam across the room and getting all red in the face, its frightening for everyone. Its very unpredictable. He can wake up out of a...
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    Canadian Canned Food Question...Again.

    So...I took Montgomery to the naturopath last week. To make a very long story short, the veterinarian believes that his random but very scary sneezy hyperventilation thing, among other things, are diet related. So his advice was to get him off dry food and onto a different canned food, or...
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    Does Tiki Cat taste sour?

    A lot of things made for cats are surprisingly sour, just like a lot of things made for dogs are actually very bland. They process things differently.
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    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    Field Roast vegan patty on sprouted whole wheat bread with guacamole and sliced tomato, mixed greens and a pickle on the side.
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    Slinky acute pancreatitis

    Keep syringe feeding her. Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea goes into a syringe well and will give her better nutrition than just the broth. Good luck!
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    lucky drools

    Did you look in her mouth?
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    My Cat Lani...+1 more?

    Don't adopt a cat for Lani. She sounds content the way she is. Adopt another cat because you really want another cat. When you are looking for a second cat, make sure the rescue knows that you need a cat who is really great with other cats. Who doesn't pick fights or cop an attitude. A cat who...
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    What to feed cat with early kidney disease?

    Older cats and cats with kidney disease often become more finicky, so I'm not surprised she'd eat it one day, not for a week, and then go back to it. Years ago, I had a cat with kidney disease. He was diagnosed when he got "wobbly" as you described. Took him to the clinic and they took blood...
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    Outdoor feeding station

    Well, you can build a rectangular wooden box with a sloped roof and an open front and put it up on cinder blocks. You can get a couple of skids and stack them and put a heavy-duty storage tote on top with a cat-sized hole cut in the front. Might want to cut an exit in the back or side, too...
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    Royal canine bengal

    My little guy thrives on Royal Canin, and its in the rotation of foods I feed the rest of the colony, too. They all love it and do well with it. The Aging 12 really encourages my eldest to eat better. Never feed Bengal food, that said; we're a crowd of rescues here.
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    What DRY food do you feed your cat(s), and their ages? I need something more affordable but good.

    Thanks for this; I didn't see the reply until now and its hours later.
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    Looking For A Wet Food Recommendation (Canada)

    He's actually doing really well with the OM. What's coming out the other end is actually improving. I just need to find a container to keep it in. He's with me all the time and so is his food, and no matter what, the gravy in the OM leaks. So my mission to-morrow is to find a jar with a...