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    Why do cats like being clapped on?

    He goes gaga when I clapped him on the upper thigh. So what's up with that?
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    Zorro bites my dad's toe during nightime

    Well, that is easier said than done as you see, we do not have our own bedrooms. We only have mattresses to sleep on. Also, we sleep on our mattresses at the living room. But ok, maybe we move our mattresses somewhere else? There are the computer room, TV room and one other unused room. This...
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    Zorro bites my dad's toe during nightime

    I don't know exactly why he does this, anyone can figure out? Here he is btw.
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    Perspective time!

    Maine coon owners! How does it feels like to have your own Ewok?
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    Oldest breed?

    What is the most oldest cat breed that we know of?
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    How many cats have owned you?

    Ok, there was Tam-Tam, Kuning, Putih, Ewok, Panther, Cooper, Yoda, Olga, Ibrahim, Yatim, Dennis, one yellow one, two grey and white ones, Princess and an unnamed orange and black coloured cat. These were the cats that I can remember. Also, Zorro. He is the cat I own right now. So, about...
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    Number of breeds?

    How many types of breeds are there?
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    What do I need to do when I see a baby pigeon outside my yard?

    I once saw a baby pigeon on my yard and I took care of it, but he ran off. Futhermore, I also had another one with almost fully grown feathers, but he died so I gave a proper burial for him. With all my stories told, what is the best thing to do when I see a baby pigeon on my yard? Over here in...
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    Cat yodeling

    Yes, that is the one! I can't tell how many calories it contain though because the back of the packet reads its contents in crude oil, crude protein and crude fat.
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    Post Your Nocturnal Kitties Here!

    Like this!
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    Begins and ends with A - Z

    Aye ma'am! Napkin. Now continue on, everybody!
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    How can I change my username?

    Hey, I didn't know you're from Singapore! Hello from the northwest !
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    Begins and ends with A - Z

    Oops, sorry. How can I delete my post?
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    Food problem

    Oh ok! Hold on.................Ok, here it is! One big bombshell with some pictures of Zorro to boot!