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    Need help w/ outside kitties

    What about rigging them a lean-to type of thing, deep enough so they can get in out of the rain if necessary, but not otherwise interesting enough to hang around in. The garage might have other attractions that you're not aware of... things cats like to chase, for instance!
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    Really Weird Behavior

    What he perceives when you pat him may be some dominance coming from you (imagine being patted on the head so much :0) and it also may overstimulate him after a time, so he's trying to tell you to back off. Try to shorten the activity according to what he seems to tolerate - break it into...
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    Need help w/ outside kitties

    Why not just either cover the area with something large (temporarily), or else institute a cat box or even a pile of dirt or straw for them to use that can be raked up periodically.
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    Feeling so emotional. Will my cats ever get on?

    Hi, what a dilemma! One thing I'm fairly sure of is that keeping two of the kitties won't make much difference to keeping only one at this point - Buster's upset anyway! I think the vet tech (or receptionist?) was out of line by saying what she did and I might even speak to the vet about that...
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    Aggressive cat - help please!!

    I hope also that a lot of attention (other than grooming) is being given to the cat, who is understandly jealous of the baby - maybe a private love session in a separate room every day, or 10 mins 2-3 times daily if possible.
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    Does anyone else wander with their cat?

    I used to know a man who walked his dog everyday and the cat would follow them all around.
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    Next Behavior Expert Forum - Help Us Choose a Topic

    Yes to multicat, especially dominance issues.
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    Going nuts - it's not them, it's me, need some help

    Hi, you need a break! Seven is a lot to manage even when everything's fine, let alone when some are ill. Have you even considered possibly allowing a couple to have new homes with people you trust? You're allowed, you know :-). It's so hard to resist them when they're young, but if they grow...
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    Cat acting differently.

    Well, sometimes that's the 'breaks' when there's another cat around... after all, would you relate mostly to your cat if there was another person around?
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    Our new kitten. (Partially blind)

    Don't forget, she's relating to everything (as any cat would) as much by scent as otherwise, and everything in your place (including you) smells different from what she's used to. It can take ten days or more for the cats to begin tolerating each other, and for her to even feel a bit...
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    feeling guilty (long)

    A definitely-younger-than-Beazy male might be a better fit as females are even more territorial than males, and tend to like being queens of their castles. She may become friends with the kitten, but maybe not, though once a male is grown, depending on his drive to dominate, he could likely...
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    Tundra suddenly sleeping A LOT!

    You haven't said how old he is, or much else at all about him, but I would check with the vet, because there are various illnesses, some blood related, that could cause him to want to sleep a lot.
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    acting strange

    Just get to a vet - it's a matter of time in this case and they'll be able to answer your questions.
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    worse human in the world....

    I think you're well on your way to losing both cats. The new one follows the older one outside, the older one takes off to get away from the new one and the new one follows - straight into traffic perhaps? Or who knows where? And the older one feels driven away from home. I think it's time...
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    Do cats have seisures?

    Was she lying on her side - in other words not standing on her twitchy feet? Could there have been a bird outside the window that she was focused on and not 'reachable' by you for a minute? Cats can certainly have seizures like we do, for different reasons. How old is your cat? You said her...