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    Pre-diabetic cat

    Thank you for your replies. When I take him for his weight check, I'll ask about ideal weight. I did buy some Raw Instinct toppers that I give as treats. And I got a laser pointer. He chases it briefly, then gives up. My other cat, however, will spin in circles and attack the walls until *I* get...
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    Pre-diabetic cat

    I've been gone for a while, but I'm back because I'm worried about my Oliver and remembered this site! I took him to a new vet. It's been a couple years since his last visit (got married and moved last year, and it just got postponed repeatedly. Anyway, she said based on his weight, he...
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    Floppy belly pouch, is this normal?

    When Oliver trots, it sways from side to side. It never gets old to watch. And when he sits, it spreads across his back paws. I can't even. Ender has the tiniest little pouch. I was hoping it would get bigger, but I think he's done growing. 
  4. The "Missing TCS Members" Thread

    The "Missing TCS Members" Thread

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  7. Oliver and the Wii remote

    Oliver and the Wii remote

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    New cat, Ender

    Oliver and Ender are best buds now. Although the slow introduction was interrupted, after a few days of supervised brawling, they only playfully scrap these days. They eat and nap together and play lots. Now that Oliver doesn't spend most of the day sleeping and instead spends most of his day...
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    New cat, Ender

    Yes! I have so much love for that book series.
  11. New cat, Ender

    New cat, Ender

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    New cat, Ender

    Adopted this 4 month old kitten from the same rescue as Oliver this past Sunday. Tried the slow introduction, but accidental interaction via speedy cat jetting through door caused some issue. He's adorable. He kneads and does the head-butting thing and the walk around and between our legs as a...
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    Question of the Day: Sunday, July 6

    It just didn't catch on. I still keep catching myself saying "kitty cat Oliver cat" as I always have.