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    My cats breeds are kind of confusing I think they are a mix between Himalayan and Persian
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    I don't brush my cats teeth either because their only three months I mean come on.
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    That's so 128514 Funny......128568128568128568128568128568128568128568
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    I have 3 cats 128049 Zeus,luau,Hugo,Hugo.they are all shirazi persian or more like the mum is a tabby the dad is a persian.
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    Stray cat turns on you

    I had a stray cat and we got her when she was 2 weeks.she is an Arabian Maui but as she grew older I felt like she started to hate me you would figure she would love you more but I felt like she hated me more than loved me.When she toned four months I felt like she had all this bursting energy...