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    Transitioning to new food

    It's commonly a 5-7 day transition depending on how different the diet change is or moving them from one protein family to another like chicken to pork or pork to beef etc. It's more important to go slowly when moving from kibble to raw. In canned and packet food we swap them out daily...
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    Anxious Cat and Urinary Blockage

    I'm marking this so I can come back to it later. I am not ready to tackle this one at the moment, but I've been through these. The guy that didn't get blocked has been on prozac for 3 years at the same dose and is mostly okay. I'll go details in followup post.
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    Cat changed after vet visit

    Ask the vet for the report card and notes and not just the discharge paperwork they provided. If someone else accounted the ins and outs she went through, you will find it. I used to read all Tom's daily accounts during hospital stays that they'd upload to an app I had access to.
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    Urinary block

    Hey there Scariest time of my life with Tommy. I thought he was constipated and when his father got home from university and touched Tom's side and he screamed and ran back to the litter box, his dad told me to get him to the ER now. I don't remember if I was able to do anything with him for...
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    Gizzards are a dental health miracle

    Our boys are dumb. They tried to swallow these types of things whole. I gave them necks before and instead of chewing them down, they'd chew it into slightly less large pieces, swallow those, and then yuck them back up. Hwaaaah. I use dried chews. Honestly Stewart doesn't mind his teeth...
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    Possessed kitties

    The cat got a matching stocking stuffer. Cool.
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    Transitioning to new food

    Is this about wet food, or in general? You may have a different response if it's kibble vs canned/gently cooked/raw/freeze dried/rehydrated yadayada
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    Seeking Feedback On Pu Surgery Related To Urethral Stricture.

    Because I couldn't manage his symptoms. It looked like IBD issues, only not. I scheduled his appointment, wrote down all the electronic notes I could find, and saw that he had not been okay since August. We hadn't realized how much we were feeding him either, for him not to be gaining. He kept...
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    Seeking Feedback On Pu Surgery Related To Urethral Stricture.

    He's fine from that, three years later. Now he's hyperthyroid. We just finished week #4. When we do week #6 I hope the vet says he can do I-131. Everything I read is always a 3 year expectancy. They say that after hyper, too. Either heart failure or kidney issues. His kidneys are testing fine...
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    "Sacrifices" and concessions you've made...(fun thread)

    Currently we aren't getting decent sleep. Tommy is ill and we're trying to get a hold on it. He's hyperthyroid and has a heart murmur and we're hoping to get his liver enzymes down with the thyroid medication. When he decides to spray something because he's upset about taking medication or when...
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    "Sacrifices" and concessions you've made...(fun thread)

    Yue uses my hair brush to groom her beard. I bought another hair brush. She didn't want it. It doesn't smell like me. I use the second brush most of the time, but here and there I'll still use my first brush that's got her white hairs all over it, so that the stink refreshes. I'll also wear a...
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    Raw meat supplier

    I order from hare Today any time of year. I may have hit the four day window previously, but the more you order in a box the longer it stays frozen/cold. You can always request additional ice packs at $5. The ones that thaw are on the walls of the box and the center items tend to stay colder...
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    Anyone ever switched from raw back to canned?

    I had to for a week. Tommy possibly has IBD. He had to go to the ER and get an enema and fluids and had been doing a lot of vomiting on the previous food batch. I had put pork in it. I put him on Dr Elsey's cleanprotein canned turkey until I could make him a batch without pork, which took a...
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    Cat isn't eating well after teeth pulled

    Amalie has had extractions at least 4 times. She refused to eat wet food each time. She had buprenex injections for each one so there was 2-3 day pain relief. She doesn't really chew the food, but just works the small kibbles into a swallow and gulp. Things like this I have given her the kibble...
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    Trazadone for cats

    It is a prescription and she should do it with the help of her veterinarian. Some medications the vets will not want to give the cats becaus the cat can end up having the opposite reaction. One time Tom came home from a teeth cleaning where he was under anesthesia, and he lost his marbles, hyper...