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    For those of you that feed wet, low carb/high protein: Share your current rotation!

    a.m. Wellness Complete Health Beef & Salmon p.m. Redbarn Naturals Lamb Pate plus an occasional meal of Primal Pork Nuggets, for which Sylvie goes gaga!
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    Warming up Wet Food?

    My vet tech/cat sitter uses the bowl-of-warm-water technique to warm leftover food. She sets the can, with lid on, in a small bowl of warm water — just enough water to come about halfway up the can, not enough to make it float. I usually just spoon the leftover food into the feeding dish and...
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    Seasonal Food Preferences?

    Seasonal-menu update: After Sylvie finished the remaining cans of Rawz duck, we went back to Primal pork for a while. Just now I got a Chewy delivery of a case of Redbarn lamb, a richer/fattier meat that I had held off on reordering until the weather here got cold (we had a couple of...
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    Looking For Chicken-free Wet Food Options

    My Sylvie can't tolerate chicken either and seems to have a limited tolerance for turkey — the only turkey she gets occasionally is a few little schnibs of a homemade turkey burger. Some of the canned foods she enjoys and that I like for her are: Rawz rabbit and duck; Redbarn lamb; Wellness...
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    Lately Sylvie has been squawking for food around 2 a.m. (yes, she's still getting her usual meals at the usual times)! I ignore it as long as I can, but she keeps making noise until I relent and get up and put a little food in her dish.
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    Seasonal Food Preferences?

    Sylvie can't tolerate chicken, but I might give the Beef & Salmon a try -- the Primal website says the percentage of bone in it is 6%, which is the same as in the pork.
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    Seasonal Food Preferences?

    My M.O. has been to break (with my hands) each brick into as many pieces as I can and then crumble them with the mortar and pestle. But I do scope out the bag to see if there are already broken pieces that will give me a head start!
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    Seasonal Food Preferences?

    Good to know we have more company. BTW, Zoe and Lily are adorable!
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    Seasonal Food Preferences?

    I think they're circulating the memo and laughing at us. ;)
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    Seasonal Food Preferences?

    Like many of us here, I do an ever-changing rotation of cat foods in an effort to keep up with my cat's tastes and whims. Most recently I've been feeding Wellness Beef & Salmon for breakfast and Primal pork nuggets for dinner. We're getting toward the end of the Primal bag, and quite frankly I'm...
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    Raw&canned Diet Causing Vomiting?

    Very interesting, @lisahe ! I don't have a screened outdoor space, but I love fresh air and do keep my screened windows open when the weather is not as obscenely hot and humid as it currently is. Sylvie is still shedding profusely, and I've gotten better about brushing her. We just had a nice...
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    Raw&canned Diet Causing Vomiting?

    @lisahe , yes, Sylvie has been shedding like mad lately, now that the warm weather has begun in earnest, and has barfed a couple of times in the past week (although one of those times was when I was away and the cat sitter put out her half-day's ration in one portion, which Sylvie is not used...
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    All Rawz Pates With Liver, Available Soon In 3 Oz Cans (?)

    @lisamarie12 , thanks for sharing the news about the smaller cans and also the new authorized retailer! Sometimes I need to order just one case of Rawz and am glad to know of a place where that's enough to meet the free-shipping minimum.
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    Favorite Freeze-dried Rabbit?

    I'm contemplating buying some FD rabbit because Sylvie seems to enjoy it so much; I fed her some Stella & Chewy's Absolutely Rabbit this morning, because I had it on hand and delivery of her usual canned breakfast food was delayed, and she gobbled it all up and begged for more. The S&C's is...
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    Anyone Feeding Pork?

    My cat Sylvie gets mostly canned food, but she loves Primal freeze-dried pork nuggets. I just reordered the large bag and will be rotating it back into her diet as her daily dinner (at dinnertime I'm awake enough not to mind mashing up the nuggets and rehydrating them).