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    Best freeze dried food

    Primal responded to my inquiry very promptly! Here's what they said: "Our frozen and freeze-dried nuggets are the same formula, so the bone content will be the same for each option. Here are the bone amounts for our feline formulas: Beef & Salmon: 6% Chicken & Salmon: 10% Duck: 10% Pork: 6%...
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    Best freeze dried food

    Thanks, @lisahe ! I hope you and your girls are doing well too! We are fine. Sylvie had me concerned a few days ago because she spat up clear liquid a few times in one day, but then I read some vet blogs that said that was a common "pre-hairball" symptom. Sure enough, yesterday morning, while I...
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    Pumpkin supplement for cats

    Sylvie is one of those cats. I tried adding a bit of Libby's pumpkin puree to her food and she refused it, but she eats Rawz rabbit & pumpkin canned food with no complaints.
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    Best freeze dried food

    Sylvie loves Primal pork too. I hadn't ordered it in a while and noticed a recent Chewy review said that bone is now the second-listed ingredient (used to be third). I just emailed the company to ask for the percentage of bone content in all of their flavors; they redid their website and removed...
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    Dr Elsey wet food... smells weird?

    Haven't tried the chicken, because my cat can't tolerate chicken. I introduced Dr. Elsey's pork pate a few days ago, though. It smells fine to me, and Sylvie seems to like it. Are the other pates you've bought also chicken? I wouldn't expect chicken to smell like Spam or hot dogs, since those...
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    What are you feeding your cat?

    Between Sylvie's intolerance to chicken (and, to a lesser extent, turkey) and her fussy palate, the menu here is very limited and very expensive. The mainstay is Rawz rabbit--Sylvie likes both the plain variety and the one with pumpkin--with occasional meals of freeze-dried raw food as a treat...
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    Try Redbarn Naturals Canned Pate!

    For the record, there is no safety issue that I am aware of. I just feel that I need to listen to what my cat is telling me and switch to a food that she finds acceptable.
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    Try Redbarn Naturals Canned Pate!

    Aaaand she's gone off it, as of today. I dished it out for dinner and it just sat there. Then Sylvie started complaining in a tone that suggested it was simply unacceptable. I thought perhaps something was wrong with that particular can, so I sniffed what was still in it and agreed it smelled...
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    What to feed a loud and picky eater

    I’m guessing that @deckm00 is using “meal” in the British English sense of the word, meaning “grain” (for instance, what we in the US call whole-wheat flour is called wholemeal flour in the UK).
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    Remembering Krista

    Daft, I'm visiting this site for the first time in a while and am saddened to learn of your darling Krista's passing. You cared for her with such patience, persistence, and cat could have wished for a better caregiver and companion.
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    Rawz Rabbit Pate shortage?

    Thanks for the tips! I don't know why it didn't occur to me to check for the smaller cans! I just ordered two cases of the 3-ounce cans from Incredible Pets. I will have to try out the Rabbit and Pumpkin on Sylvie too; I like your idea of mixing it with the regular Rabbit Pate. Sylvie has a...
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    Rawz Rabbit Pate shortage?

    Yes...and now it's out of stock again at both Cherrybrook and Incredible Pets! This stuff just flies off the shelves!
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    Rawz Rabbit Pate shortage?

    To follow up and to give Bernal Beast its due: On Sunday I emailed Bernal Beast to officially cancel the order and request a refund. Yesterday they sent a notice that the order had been canceled and they very promptly issued the refund. Meanwhile, today I got a reply from someone at Rawz, who...
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    Rawz Rabbit Pate shortage?

    Thanks for the recs of other Rawz sources! I've had Incredible Pets bookmarked for a while; I'll have to give them a try. One of the pluses (for me) of ordering from Cherrybrook is that they're in a neighboring state. It generally takes just a couple of days for their shipments to get to me.
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    Has anyone tried Freely canned foods yet?

    I'm always happy to find good new options in proteins Sylvie can tolerate!