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  2. Trouble my angel from heaven

    Trouble my angel from heaven

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    Trouble my angel from heaven

    How should I begin? I lost my dear trouble on Thursday January 29th. He's been.sick for a while but still as sweet and feisty as ever. He suffered a stroke and the vet tried to save him but to no avail. He was 16 and Scott ny bfs cat first. Trouble came into his life when he needed him most. I...
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    Fudgepop is now at the Rainbow Bridge

    My heart goes out to you128147 I myself lost my Felix after 17 years to cancer. Fudge pop is in heaven playing and happy128049 Denise
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    Comment by 'kokepelli girl' in media '007-2.jpg'

    Hi! I'm new and use a blu e cig ! I love it! Love that there's a group for it!! Denise aka Kokepelli Girl 128049128049128049128049128049128049128049128049128049
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    Help my cats have fleas!!

    :help: My 3 cats have fleas and I've tried everything I can think of beside going to the vet. My 4th cat trouble the Orange one is sick with other issues but isn't having problems with fleas as bad as the other 3.Going to the vet wil cost a fortune. I started out with a organic flea shampoo...
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