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    Orijen or Acana ??

    I fed my malnutritioned 1lb kitten Orijen, its a canadian product. He gained and now weighs 9.5lbs. i think its an excellent product, and he really seems to enjoy the taste
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    Fungal & Sensitivity Cultures

    my cat had tons of fungal cultures due to ringworm. took over 2 weeks to get results.
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    Adopting a cat in Toronto

    Go to Scarborough Animal Hospital on Kingston rd. close to the Danforth. Dr. Beck is amazing.
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    Metronidazole (Flagyl) causing diarrhea??

    my cat had a huge diarrhea problem, you can try Tylocine. a bit more expensive. he was also on metro, for 4 months. his diarrhea stopped, but innthe end, he had soft poops. he has been off of it for a week, and his poo has never been better. he is also eating I/D, with For iFlora on it every...
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    ringworm in kittens

    my vet told me that ring worm could not be treated by topicalsonly oral meds. this has proven true with my cat. get a culture done to verify, then get a prescription
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    Unpleasant cat hygiene issue

    my cat always gets poo on his bum. just use a wet cloth. is he neutered, because my cats male parts act as poop shelves.
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    Cat vigorously resists ringworm lotion

    my cat has ringworm, and from doing research and talking to my vet, she said that topicals do not work on cats. (confirmed info by three other vets). my boy has had ringworm for 15 weeks now, probably even more than that, i got him from a breeder. he is on griseofulvin, and was on itraconozole...
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    Diahrrea that won't go away

    metronidiazole works for stopping diarrhea as well, maybe thats why it was prescribed too. it has worked wonders on my persian who has chronic diarrhea from his ringworm medication.... now, lets see when he stops it he was also using tylosine for the diarrhea, but metro has worked WAYYYYYY...
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    Did I pick a poor breeder?

    i am under the same situation with my persian, i purchased him and he has ringworm, UTi, parasites... the breeder has paid me 90$, which i have so far forked out 2000$ in vet bills, let alone the money for the cat. not sure what to do either. dont want to take little one back. the breeder...
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    cat has constant diarrhea

    she doesnt stock it, other vets do, so its not her trying to make money, since she obviously isnt making money off of it if she isnt selling it.
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    yes im sure its colitis. and colitis can mean diarrhea. and yes it has mucus in it.
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    cat has constant diarrhea

    my cat has diarrhea for the past 2 months, he has colitis, try probiotics, my vet recommends FortiFlora, apparently it is the only one that is approved to have and exact amount of the probiotic in it, whcih i guess is why its only sold at the vet, without prescription though. also, try the...
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    Oscar's Colitis update

    Im currently going through the whole colitis thing with my kitten, as by instructions from Dr. Pitcairn or whoever's book, had been given oil to help coat, and now my cat has CRAZY diarrhea... well, my vet gave my kitten Tylocine, which cleared up his poo quite nicely, still soft though, but...
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    he was eating innova EVO and was doing fine on it until the diarrhea started, then the vet switched him to prescription diet ID for a little while, now he is back on kitten food, sort of, because he doesnt really like it. i think his colitis is medicine induced Thanks for the vibes, its been a...
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    Has anyone had a cat with colitis? he has very bad diarrhea. My vet has my persian on Tylocine, and Fortiflora, but i jsut want to know if this will ever end?! my kitty (terrence) has been on antibiotics/ringworm medication for the past four months. i feel horrible for him