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    Can cats eat yogurt?

    What a coincedence.. I just called my vet last week to ask about that!! Hehe. The receptionist said that plain yogurt is fine.. but never fruit ones!! Which is good because I don't eat as much flavored yogurt as plain
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    Oreo's been having some dandruff problems too.. and it all started when I started using this anti-shedding shampoo :[ Even after I stopped using it she still has it
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    Feeding : Scheduled, or Open?

    Lately, Oreo usually disappears during the daylight hours [when it is the hottest times of the day] and comes back towards dinner time. Around that time, I re-fill her bowl and give her about 2/3-1 cup of dried food. I don't often feed her wet food, only on special occassions. She loves it when...
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    Feeding : Scheduled, or Open?

    [Late in replying] I remember reading somewhere that tuna was bad for cats? I'm not sure, but that's what I heard :s Well I guess it'll be better to research that a lil bit more before making any drastic changes
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    Question about Vet costs

    Hey guys!! I was wondering, how much does it usually cost to have your cat's teeth cleaned? Oreo's gums are not looking so pink and healthy, I'm wondering what I should do. I know that sooner or later I'm going to have to take her to the vet and get her a dental package, but I heard that it...
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    Cooling pad?

    The weather as we all know is gettting pretty hot... I was wondering if there was something like a cooling pad I could use so my kitty doesn't get so hot.. since she has to stay in the garage now that she is shedding........
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    Question about shedding...

    i didn't even know that a shedding blade existed! haha does it trim the fur? i am thinking about just getting her shaved. its so frustrating
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    Question about shedding...

    My cat's shedding really bad lately and my mom is thinking about GIVING HER AWAY !! Ahhhh. I just want to know if she will stop shedding after summer is over... Or if there is some type of medicine or something I can give her to have her stop shedding so much [ if its not harmful to her health]...
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    Thanks guys! WOw the pictures of your kitties are SO cute!!
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    Hi I'm new here. My name is Jackie and I'm 15 years old [as of tommorow!!!!!!]