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    Swiffer Commercials

    I always wondered how it was that the "Swiffer Lady" just happened to choose their place of residence when she delivered the Swiffer package. I knew that the Kaufmans are really an actual married couple, but I didn't know why they got chosen to do the commercials. Now I know..
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    How Do You Post Multiple Smileys?

    Sometimes I want to post more than one at a time when I'm posting in a thread and I always have to open up the smiley icon for each smiley that I post. Is there a way to post multiple ones without always clicking on the smiley icon to bring them up?
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    Vibes for Spencer please!

    I have the same problem when I bring one of mine home from the vet. I sure hope there's nothing seriously wrong with Spencer, and that he gets well soon!
  4. My one year old male has a UTI

    My one year old male has a UTI

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    My one year old male has a UTI

    Your cat looks a lot like my Ricochet, who also developed UTI problems not too long ago. It took several rounds of antibiotics before Ricochet's UTI cleared up for good (I don't recall what antibiotics they were now - sorry). He also was on steroids for about a week. I'm surprised your vet...
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    Changing What I Have In My Cat "Siggy" Spot

    I didn't explain it too well.   Thanks, Tricia.   ETA: I just tried it and it didn't work. When I clicked on "edit signature" another box appeared, but there was no where to click to save it.
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    I'll have to make an attempt at trying it one of these days when my mind is in proper working order. Today isn't one of them.
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    Swiffer Commercials

    Yeah, and then he just stands there and watches her do it - instead of offering to do it for her! Typical man!
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    Please Send Vibes For Gato!

    I don't have a Kindle: My e-reader is a Kobo (an off-brand). I checked to see if the book was available, and it is. The next time I charge up my e-reader I'm gonna purchase the book. Gato has several things to play with in "his" tub - one of them being a ball that has a bell in it. His...
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    Show me your eyes

    Please do, Laurie! But don't be surprised if it makes me tear up (not that you'd know! ). I still can't look at photos or videos of Maverick without my heart aching: I still miss him horribly.
  12. samurai 48.JPG

    samurai 48.JPG

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    I've noticed that some of the members have rotating photos of their cats as an avatar. How do you go about making something like that?
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    Changing What I Have In My Cat "Siggy" Spot

    I've looked all over in my profile to change what I have so I can add Gato, but haven't had any success. Am I missing something?