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    Major loss of appetite after convenia?

    It was given to her for a suspected UTI. Currently waiting for her urinalysis results to come back that they did while she was at emergency, two days after convenia. She’s been sensitive to antibiotics in the past, she has lost her appetite with doxycycline (not to this extent though) and had...
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    Black pigmentation dots on cat’s tounge

    My cat has had this. They move, disappear and reappear too. I think it’s just something they can get from licking something that gets caught on their tongue. My cat has been checked out by multiple vets and a feline specialist over the last year, nobody has ever commented on these dots.
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    Major loss of appetite after convenia?

    My cat had an injection of convenia 5 days ago, since then she’s had zero interest in food when she usually has a great appetite. 2 days after the convenia she was also vomiting. I’m spending almost an hour at a time hand feeding her each little bit of wet food, even then she only seems to get...
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    Worried about food poisoning

    Thank you for the link! I contacted one of the vets that are open on Saturday and spoke with a nurse. I’m going to keep a very close eye on her today and bring her in if I start noticing any signs of food poisoning. Luckily the food didn’t smell bad at least, despite it being open. We’re...
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    Worried about food poisoning

    I just fed my girl a wet food pouch of purina pro plan, she was more than halfway done and I noticed a disgusting piece of chicken in there and stopped immediately. The rest didn’t seem bad, just not as soft and less gravy. When I inspected the pouch I noticed a decent sized rip on the bottom...
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    Cat Art

    My artwork of Elena that I did recently :) :hearthrob:
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Harry and Elena ♡ Harry is my mum's cat, but Elena is mine!
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    Betty's Straight Legs (post Your Straight Leggers)

    She's so funny. I love her so much!
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    Risks of Long Term Steroid Use for Allergies?

    I give my cat liquid prednisolone and this has always worked for us. I put a tiny portion of wet food into her bowl and then add the pred. If I notice any pred left, I spoon out some gravy from the wet food and add it into the bowl so she licks the rest. Once I'm sure she's finished it all, I...
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    Risks of Long Term Steroid Use for Allergies?

    The main risks I know of are diabetes and kidney disease. There is also more chance of developing infections, which steroids can mask the symptoms of. My girl has been on daily prednisolone for 10 months for an immune-mediated disease. We get a biochemistry blood work panel every 6 months to...
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    Post pics of calicos, tortieshells and orange cats here!

    Here's my beautiful Elena :hearthrob:
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    Shelter Cat With Limp

    My girl has a luxating patella in both of her legs, it's worse in her left leg (either a grade 3 or 4) and will need surgery eventually. I didn't know when I adopted her, if I had known it wouldn't have stopped me. She'll go through times where she's severely limping and in an obvious amount of...
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    Injectable prednisolone

    I use liquid prednisolone for my girl too and she always eats it in her wet food! She refuses to eat with the tablets though.
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    Loss of appetite after deworming

    She does, I try not to switch around her food since her stomach can be really sensitive. She mostly gets wet food (prefers dry though) but she wasn't as enthusiastic with the dry like she normally is. Thankfully she's eating more now! She finally pooped too, although it seemed like a struggle. I...