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    what do you all think about pet health insurance?

    Yeah, the amazing advances in veterinary medicine of the last few decades and the increased cost of care are two sides of the same coin unfortunately. The more vet care starts to look like human health care with the types of specialists and advanced procedures available the more pet insurance...
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    Checking B12 Levels/At Home Injections?

    The exact specifics of the law depend on the state (ie whether you need to give written or just verbal consent, confidentiality in legal cases, etc) but as far as I’m aware they aren’t allowed to withhold your pets’ records from you and/or your new vet. In fact, one of the AVMA’s principles of...
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    Checking B12 Levels/At Home Injections?

    I’m surprised they even want to draw blood and send it off to check his levels before trying the shots, B12 is inexpensive and easy to administer and it’s water soluble so whatever excess isn’t needed by the body just gets peed out.
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    Advice on kitten refusing to finish foods

    Ah ok so she has gained weight, that’s good to hear!
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    Advice on kitten refusing to finish foods

    Does it seem like she eats enough in a day to maintain/gain weight? Just wondering since 3.5 lbs seems small for a 5 month old kitten
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    4 cans of food per day?!

    Yeah some of the Tiki Cat wet foods are pretty low calorie, the after dark ones are like 50-65 kcal for the smaller size can
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    My kitten died after receiving injection of Cerenia

    Cats often stop eating due to nausea, cerenia is also an anti-nausea medication so that very well could have been the reason. Definitely call your vet and get details.
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    Question from a fairly new cat parent

    Let him hide after and he’ll come out when he’s ready. Let them come to you is a pretty good motto for cats in general! Once the acne clears up and you don’t have to clean his chin every day anymore he will forget about it quickly, most cats don’t hold grudges (and they have tiny brains so they...
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    Is my kitten healthy?

    Some info that would probably be helpful for people to know: 1. How much does he weigh? 2. Is 6-8 weeks his current (estimated) age? 3. How much food would you estimate he eats in one day? 4. Do you have other kittens/cats around? 5. Has he been to the vet for any type of checkup or...
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    Yes unfortunately there’s not a lot of money to be made in veterinary drugs, so the cats lose out. Before covid-19 the fear was that remdesivir would just languish forever in patent-limbo because it was not a good treatment for Ebola so they abandoned it, but now the fear is that if remdesivir...
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    It’s my understanding that around when the UC Davis research was completed, Gilead (who owns the patent for GS and remdesivir) saw remdesivir as a potential Ebola treatment (this was during the Ebola outbreak a few years ago) and was conducting clinical trials for it. Remdesivir and GS-441524...
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    It really heavily depends on how much your cat weighs, what type of FIP they have, and which brand you buy - there are a few different manufacturers of the drug and some are a lot more expensive (the pill form costs way more). But yes it is expensive, I think we spent about $3500 on the meds in...
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    Through the Facebook group mentioned in the article, FIP Warriors. Someone in the group lived near me and brought me some vials to start and then after that the admins helped us get more.
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    How to clean black dandruff on chin

    I use a soft dry toothbrush on my cat’s chin once or twice a week, it gets the little black things out and also seems to prevent them from building up too much.
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    Oh wow the Atlantic, that’s big! Hopefully it will reach a lot of people. GS441524 saved my cat’s life - I really was not prepared for how quickly it can work in the beginning, and giving my sad dying 3 lb kitten a shot late one night and then waking up to him meowing at me for food for the...