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    Wet Food Feeding Schedule

    My cat purposefully leaves some of his wet food to eat later on or overnight - it’s ok for them to eat some food that’s been out for a while, it’s not raw meat. if you need to feed him 3 separate meals a day and can’t do lunch because you’re at work, they do make timed feeders for wet food. You...
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    Young Cat Difficulty with Jumping?

    Does it seem to be any specific thing that causes the jumping issue? Like does he gauge it wrong and miss or does it seem more like a weakness in his legs?
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    Kitten Unable To Walk

    Is it all 4 legs or just his back legs that don’t work well? How old is he? Did he slowly get worse at walking or was it sudden?
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    Traeting FiV w/ FiP Thirsty Fountains protocol?

    FIP and FIV are very different viruses and unlike with antibiotics where we’ve found broad spectrum ones that are effective against lots of different pathogens, antivirals tend to be specific to one virus or closely related viruses. I don’t believe FIP drugs will be effective against FIV. Human...
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    5 months old teething or sick ?

    Sometimes clicking or grinding sounds while eating can mean the cat is nauseous. If he’s not eating you should take him to the vet!
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    Iams Perfect Portions Discontinued?

    Oh good tip, I just looked at the Sheba ones and they seem to be exactly the same! Probably owned by the same parent company as iams or something. That’s good to know in case they are discontinued
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    Iams Perfect Portions Discontinued?

    Hmmm, the mystery deepens! I hope it’s that, definitely better than it being discontinued. I sent iams an email so we’ll see what they say
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    Iams Perfect Portions Discontinued?

    Does anyone know if Iams has discontinued their adult perfect portions wet foods? I can’t find them in stock anywhere, but also can’t find anything from iams about discontinuing them. I really hope there’s just a shortage, my one cat likes them a lot and is picky about eating old food so the...
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    Experience with Mirtazapine?

    My cat was prescribed transdermal mirtaz when he was sick with FIP and didn’t want to eat due to nausea. It worked ok on its own, but it worked far better once we added in an anti-nausea med as well. No side effects that I noticed, although the vet did warn us that the oral version can cause...
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    Did I pick the right Vet?

    I would be careful with automatically assuming that there’s something shady going on at a vet - everyone has different preferences about what qualities they think are most important when they’re choosing a vet (some may have better bedside manner than others, stuff like that) but the vast...
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    Both our cat's not so good results of new vet's bld work

    I don’t think that vets wearing perfume is going to impact your cat’s health during a short visit unless they’re wearing an abnormally large amount of perfume and then somehow getting the liquid on your cat. People put on a very small amount of perfume that is absorbed into the skin, they’re not...
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    Is gabapentin constipating?

    Buprenorphine is an opioid and they’re notoriously constipating, luckily gabapentin is in a different drug class and shouldn’t cause constipation. My cat has taken 100 mg before traveling in the past and the only side effects were drowsiness/sleepiness aka the intended effect haha
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    Getting my kitten earlier than I planned and got some last minute questions

    Usually they recommend non-clumping litter for kittens under 4 months because they have small GI tracts (and tend to explore the world with their mouths!) and clumping litter expands when it touches moisture, so if a small kitten eats a big bite of clumping litter it can potentially cause a...
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    Flea medications that work on the nervous systems of fleas and ticks do have a small risk of causing neurological side effects, but I think that “horribly killing dogs” is quite the overstatement, and it’s good to also remember that it can be very difficult to figure out causation when an animal...
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    Ate the end of a Q-tip -_-

    Ugh classic cats, it’s always the things you buy on purpose that they don’t care about