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    Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

    ((((hugs)))) And prayers, my friend... I'm so very sorry see this
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    "Gary, Sheldon's not coming home." :'(

    Hugs and purrs, girl. So very sorry for the loss of this sweet boy.
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    My beloved Samwise is gone

    My heart is shattered. Samwise came to us in 2005, young adult male cat, neutered and very friendly. Never knew where he came from, he just showed up at our bakery one day me never left. He and my husband formed a very, very close bond, he was definitely his cat. When we closed the bakery and...
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    Ok, where did the last ten years go??!!

    Hey Pat! Looks like we both missed it, lol!! Lots of water under the bridge during that time!
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    Ok, where did the last ten years go??!!

    Growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional, lol!! Thanks, guys, it's good to be back home! I'll probably be lurking around a lot, for awhile!
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    Ok, where did the last ten years go??!!

    I know most of you don't know me, but I'm a crazy cat lady from waaay back! I don't get in here much anymore, but it hit me today that sometime this month, I celebrated 10 years of being a TCS member ( last Wednesday 7/24 to be exact ).... So much time, so many changes... People have come and...
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    I'm Getting a Hysterectomy!

    I'll agree that it was the bet thing I ever did, too! I too was diagnosed with fibroids in 2003, no symptoms at all, until one day after my period stopped, it started up again full force ( and then some!). I had the most awesome ob-gym, he came to see me before surgery, while I was in...
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    How did you find TCS and what made you join?

    Wow... So many names that I no longer know.... That's what happens when you don't visit a lot, I HAVE to work on that, lol! I joined in July, 2003... Now I don't remember how I got here, probably just lurking around for cat things and stories, lol!
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    The things we do to show our cats how much we love them - Valentine's Day Contest

    Contest Entry: Do not laugh- when my RB kitty Mr. Blue Snuggles got to be older, I would "pre-chew" bits of steak for him when we had steak, so it would be easier for him to eat it....
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    Tornado season is upon us already - are you prepared?

    In my opinion, its ALWAYS Torndao season in North Alabama, lol!  We've had bad outbreaks in April as well as November.... and I'm smack in the middle of all the damage that was done on April 27th of last year.... devastation to our north, west, east and south.... but for many, many miles around...
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    Our Fran (rapunzel47)

    The world has lost a fine lady, kitties have lost a wonderful advocate, and we have lost a sweet, dear friend!  She will be sorely missed!
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    Question of the Day: Thurs. Dec.8th 2011

    I've met Caprice from here at TCS, and a gentleman who lives in our town on Facebook. I have several, especially here, that I'd love to meet, though!
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    Any old timers lurking? Newbies welcomed to read as well- :)

    Ok.. replied yesterday and it ate it, lol!  Voting every day, will  try to share it every day, and tweet it as well.  If I can get the StumbleUpon option to work, I'll post it there too!  love you, MA!
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