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    Food recalls world wide by country

    And here's for the world and what didn't get by the FDA and USDA in the US
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    troubling news in the USDA oversight of Licensed Breeders

    For some reason, a large portion of the population in the US doesn't seem to be able to learn from other countries experiences. None the less, when someone mentions just killing the ferals, you can point out not just the decreased number of ferals since the 1980s, but the plague of mice that...
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    About rescue cat attacks my arm

    Once she understands that playing is hurting you, things will be better. But as First Sneakyblonde says, she wants to play. The wand is good because it keeps your hands back, watch where it is in relation to your feet. Don't let her out. The problems with an outside cat can multiply before you...
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    About rescue cat attacks my arm

    There is actually a good chance she's playing. It's for you - Mom- to tell her she's playing too rough. Since you get the warning of seeing her coming you can be ready. When she grabs your arm right then hiss at her. Mine got it in one hiss and she was only 8 or so months old and had bitten me...
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    troubling news in the USDA oversight of Licensed Breeders

    from Dogington Post -- ASPCA Sues USDA for Non-Enforcement of Animal Welfare Act Violations by Breeders The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), represented by Cooley LLP, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for abandoning its...
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    A few of you might remember D2

    Your heart is tied to his, there is no separation, no ending to love. The depth and truth of our hearts isn't measured in linear time, but in that of all eternity. The pain will ease in the ordinary world, the bond will continue forever. For now, do not rush your grieving. Claim your right...
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    My cat doesn’t want to come home.

    We're so happy for you and your cat. Glad you got her back, keep her safe inside away from scary things.
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    Pls help! Cat has blood in urine and couldn't get up off the floor yesterday

    I mean this in the best way as I've been in the what happened place at vets before. Is it possible your vet suggested you bring her in for blood work and, in an understandable state of shock, your mind didn't register her suggestion? It would be perfectly all right to call and ask if that would...
  9. K cat is increasingly peeing and poohing in the house

    Check to see if there are any 'splash' marks places that look like water splashed on the door or wall and is slightly darker than the rest of the door/wall. This will indicate that an outside cat is spraying on your door or wall and claiming it for himself. If there are such marks she maybe...
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    Advice Wanted for Dealing With Shut Down Cat

    The toy thing depends on the cat. Sweet Gum's reaction to toys as a kitten was she adored little balls of foil to chase. She took her big cuddle doll (stuffed rabbit) and used it to block the door on her carrier when we went to the vet. That was it. She has a long piece of clothesline she...
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    Food recalls world wide by country

    Europe Salmonella infections in some whole honeydew, cantaloupe and galia melons – other recalls at site. Recalls and Alerts: June 17-18, 2021
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    My cat is missing, she might be in the wall, but..

    @CharlieMagne let people in the neighborhood where you lost her know where you are, they care. Just to help you find your way back to the message.
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    My cat is missing, she might be in the wall, but..

    I'm glad of that Bubblesmom. Actually, I was hoping CharlieMagne would stop by one more time and realize that people who had helped her look for her cat would still be looking for her.
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    My cat is missing, she might be in the wall, but..

    Be sure as many people as possible in the neighborhood have your new phone number. They willingly went on watch for her, they will still be looking for her. And keep checking at your humane society and pound, in person. They can't always recognize a pet from a description.
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    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    Poor Montgomery, prayers for strength and peace for both of you.