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    Declawed Cat Keeps His Paws Up

    The de-clawing practice just makes me mad.  Vets should be mandated to discourage this practice of mutilation!
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    When do you take down your Christmas decorations?

    When  look at my tree and tell it, Okay, I'm tired of looking at you!"
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    Pics of new cat condos or catcatraz as the we call them

    Oh my gosh!  How clever is that?  Makes me wish I had a basement!
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    How do you deal with the grief of losing a beloved cat?

    Actually you never do really get over it.  Not when they're part of your family.  There are times when I don't think about them and other times, something will bring  them to mind.  They were loved and they are missed. 
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    Is my cat sad, depressed or sick?

    He loves you now.   He's just not totally dependent on you anymore.  That's a good thing.  I'm glad you got him his own "baby".  The next time you have to leave home for a period of time it won't be so hard on him and on you!
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    kitten with fungus and then.wounds appear, help me

    It's hateful when you can't see a vet that you trust. 
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    cat dragging around a toy while meowing loudly

    Tippy had a pink fuzzy pompom that he did the same thing with it.  Had it in his mouth and sang to it.  A couple of minutes or more and than that was it.  Sometimes we had repeat performances during the night.  I miss it. 
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    How does your cat let you know they want fed?

    At 5 am or so Ole will start up with with the most god awful howling you have ever heard.  My alarm is set for 6 but I don't know why I even bother.  By the way,
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    I can't stand the poo-poo-paws

    I know but they can be so darn cute!!
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    Stray Won't Play

    I'm not sure but it seems that unless they're played with when they're kittens they really don't get it.  I have a 2 year old semi-feral cat that she is just starting to catch on as far as play games.  Yours is five years old and he's probably thinking, "I can't eat it, why would I chase it?" ...
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    Help my cat isn't getting any better...

    So important to find a Vet that you can trust.
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    Comment by 'keyes' in article 'How To Help Feral Cats Stay Safe & Warm During Winter'

    I lucked out last year and got a dog house that the neighbors were giving away.  It did need some work.  We cut up a sheet of foam insulation and insulated the whole thing inside, side to side and top and bottom.  Set it on a pallet that we covered first with an old tarp so that it would stop...
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    Gave up and let cat on counter - so exasperated!!!

    I gave up. With 6 of the little fur monsters around it's just easier keeping chlorox wipes available.
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    Question of the Day, Sunday, January, 3, 2016

    Never went looking for any of mine.  They found me first and decided to keep me.
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    Older kitty not wanting to eat/drink after surgery

    Just a quick question because I didn't see any mention of it.  Are you wrapping her tightly in a towel (taco kitty) before you do her meds?  It's easier to medicate when they're unable to fight you trying to get away.  I went trhu a year and a half doing just that with my elderly guy and...