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    You know you have a cat when...

    When you have spent more on cat food and litter than on food for your self.
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    hey i’m new :)

    Welcome, I had two look twice to see abra 😆
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    Cat Names

    Past cats, zany, yathzee, Kato, roxy, Ziggy present cats, komere, zeus. Zany started our love of cats she was found in a dustbin
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    You know you have a cat when...

    When their water dish is full of floating cat nip toys
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    Remembering Ziggy

    We miss all our cats that have gone to rainbow bridge 😇 Ziggy was very young only 3 and such a laid back we soul just wish she had stayed with us longer.
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    You know you have a cat when...

    You acquire a furry seat stealer when you stand up
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    Remembering Ziggy

    Thank you both for your kind words 🙂
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    Remembering Ziggy

    Cant believe it’s been 6 years since our Ziggy went to rainbow bridge 😿 miss her every single day
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    Hi :hellosmiley: welcome to the cat site
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    Show me the smiles!!

    Zues smiling at me 😻😻
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    The eyes have it! Let's see those pretty peepers!

    eyes the would Melt you 🙂
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    Cats In Boxes!

    loads of toys this box they love better lol
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Komere and zues 🙂
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    Komere is 9 today 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
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    This is Komere she was named Komere because when we got her every time we asked her to come here she never and Still doesn’t lol