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  1. Katie M

    Black Cats Only

  2. Katie M

    Is there a food that you do NOT want to see on your Thanksgiving table?

    That's true. Until I learned that, I had always been baffled as to why people would call Brussels sprouts bitter. I can't detect the bitterness. I love greens too.
  3. Katie M

    My Cats and My Depression

    As someone who is struggling with chronic depression, I know exactly how you feel. You're right-cats seem to know when we're ill (and depression is a form of illness.) At the *very* least, their presence means you have somebody to take care of, to get out of bed for.
  4. Katie M

    Cat Presents

    My cats sleep literally anywhere BUT their bed :rolleyes2:
  5. Katie M

    Cat Presents

    I think it was just some balls, maybe a mouse as well. One of my cats really enjoys their play cube-she likes to take naps in it and also bat it around the room. Do you think your cat would enjoy something like that?
  6. Katie M

    Is there a food that you do NOT want to see on your Thanksgiving table?

    I've never liked cranberry sauce. It must be a texture issue, because I like the taste of cranberry.
  7. Katie M

    Survey: What color eyes does your cat have?

    Charlie and Selene are both domestic shorthairs with dichromatic eyes. I see green and yellow, and I think the green is the dominant color.
  8. Katie M

    Question of the Day - November 11, 2019

    Get some much needed sleep :sleep:
  9. Katie M


    Oh, that's the only kind I drink, because I don't touch alcohol. Am I really missing out on something?
  10. Katie M

    I think my kitten doesn’t love me anymore

    It sounds like he's going through the terrible twos. While each cat is individual, they do tend to grow more independent, as well as naughty :ohwell: PLEASE try to prevent your mom from getting him declawed. Educate her on how declawing adversely affects cats. My mom had our cats declawed...
  11. Katie M

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2019

    It's been a long, difficult eighteen months, but I am now a certified medical administrative assistant :woo::woohoo::yess:
  12. Katie M


    I've been buying it since it showed up in my local Walmart last month :yummy:
  13. Katie M

    Naughty Cats

    Look who finally found their way onto the cabinets. Couldn't even look me in the face.