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    My Survivor didn't Survive

    Thank you for taking care of Kevan. Kevan enjoyed his short life with you.
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    To The Stray I Couldn’t Save

    What a beautiful cat. Sickens me every morning to drive to work and count the dead animals run over by idiots driving and playing on the phone. Someday in the future give another cat a chance of a good life. I'm extremely sorry for your loss.
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    Had to put my 10 year old cat down... Depressed...

    It's beautiful. Everything will remind you for a long time. I'm sort of avoiding this web site lost my fur baby 2 weeks ago.
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    Devastating loss of a 4 year old Cat

    Don't beat yourself up. Losing a fur baby is painful enough. Urine blockage usually happens in cats that eat dry food 100% of the time. I had one out of many with that problem. Due to lack of money I was enlisted military I had to put him out of pain. Next cat and there will be another try to...
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    Missing my baby

    Only time will heal the wounds. Losing a fur baby is hard. Try to think of other things to stay busy as much as possible.
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    In Loving Memory Of Kobe

    My condolences. Way to young for a fur buddy to pass. Kobe was a beautiful animal I'm sure he loved you like you loved him.
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    Missing my baby

    I enjoyed that pic.
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    Good bye Batman

    Every day I miss him. I only cried 8 times today. Everything reminds me of him.
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    Good bye Batman

    Funny thing when my wife took Batty to the vet as a kitten for spaying he was called bat girl. The vet informed her wrong guess.
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    The light of my life

    I just lost mine today. You're not alone. Something about cats when they look you in the eye and call you a friend. You will always remember that moment.
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    Lost my friend

    It's always a good thing to help another cat have a good life. Thank you, George sorry for your loss.
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    Good bye Batman

    I have already decided to bring another into the house. Like I told my wife it's best when you can make a forever home for another. I think we are just going to wait for rerun to pass I also have Sam but he's getting teeth pulled next month.
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    Good bye Batman

    I wish to thank you all. No Heaven will not ever Heaven be. Unless my cats are there to welcome me. Now I'm down to batmans sister rerun she is the same age. Rerun is on meds for hyper thyroid Her kidneys are starting to fail.
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    Good bye Batman

    I had to send him on his way today. This cat took my heart with him. When he was well he would tuck me in every night. Sleep across the top of my head purring. I took him to the vet today because he was laboring to breathe. He had a mass in his lungs and in his stomach. Because of the Covid I...
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    It is always a good thing to give another cat a chance at the good life. Thank you for saving another little fur ball. Scotch will love his new furry friend.