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    Great Cat's Names

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    Rescued Senior needs grooming

    I rescued an 11-year old Ragdoll Janurary past. He's adjusted remarkably well except: he won't let me groom him. We do have a problem with petting aggression if he's touch anywhere on his body except the face and neck. He does need occasional grooming but he won't let me near him! He...
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    Sunblock and over active oil glands

    Hi fellow cat-lovers. I have 2 questions about my 10-year old, DSH, neutered male. 1). He is white with pink skin. As he ages, he likes sleeping on the deck in the sun more and more. Sometimes he snoozes in the shade under a deck chair. Is it safe to apply sunblock to his ears and nose...
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    Is This Cat a Khao Manee?

    I say not likely. The Khao Manee is a rare breed and the odds that you have one by chance are slim.
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    Why do cats like plastic bags?

    I had a flame point Siamese that was obsessed with plastic shopping bags and anything plastic including cellophane wrappings from items such as CDs. It is my understanding that these types of bags/wrappings have a fish oil residue left on them during the manufacturing process.
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    Senior Rescue--litter box troubles--HELP

    Thank you all for your replies and ideas. I have not yet gotten him to the vet, but off-hand, he doesn't act as if he has health issues. He drinks and eats plenty and has gained some weight since he came to us. I don't have experience with declawed kits as its something I am dead-set against...
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    My cat had a tooth pulled..has not been right since...HELP PLEASE! :(

    I had a cat that the vet insisted had bad Teeth. Three teeth were extracted but he didn't improve. As it turned out he had a maxillary sinus tumor. The tumor was about the size of a quarter and by the time it was found on x-ray had started to break through the palate. My advice is if...
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    Senior Rescue--litter box troubles--HELP

    I guess that's the trouble with rescuing an adult--I have no idea what his back ground is, how he was raised, fed, etc. I don't know why he was surrendered in the first place (perhaps he developed box issues that his previous keeper couldn't/wouldn't handle.). I don't/won't give up so easily...
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    Senior Rescue--litter box troubles--HELP

    He does use the boxes at times. They are all large, uncovered, and spread around the basement. My suspicion is that the female that spends most of her time down there ambushes him before he makes it down there. I have 4 other cats and sometimes one or more sleep on the stairs. I am also...
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    Senior Rescue--litter box troubles--HELP

    He has been with us since mid-Jan. he's been free in the house after a week isolated. There are 5-large boxes. I do not use Feliway.
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    Senior Rescue--litter box troubles--HELP

    This is him, BTW, and his name is Teddy.
  12. Senior Rescue--litter box troubles--HELP

    Senior Rescue--litter box troubles--HELP

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    Senior Rescue--litter box troubles--HELP

    I recently rescued an 11-yo neutered front declawed, polydactyl, cross-eyed, Ragdoll-Wannabe. He was an owner surrender and spent about 4-weeks at an animal shelter before coming to me. I was assured he got along well with dogs and cats--dogs yes, cats not so well. He spent the first several...
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