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    Question of the day - Thursday 6 May

    Eggs and ketchup in the fridge. My chocolate goes in the fridge because I don't eat it all very quickly, but my husband keeps his doesn't take long until he eats his. Bread in the cupboard at the start but I'll put it in the fridge if it's not all eaten as we get closer to the best by date.
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    Which Exotic Cat Are You?

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    We get 1% milk, and buy it in 4L bags (Canadian). My husband is the heavy milk drinker, but I do enjoy a glass every once in a while. We'll have it plain, chocolate or strawberry. My husband has more cereal than I do, but again, I sometimes crave a bowl and will indulge. I don't get any other...
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    Sleep and Insomnia

    This is a big one that will help with sleep!!!! Keep it up and I'm sure you'll feel better.
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    Question of the Day - Tuesday, May 4

    I have to go with sight. I think it's the one sense that would be the most difficult to go without. If I can't taste, it certainly would make it easier to eat healthy. Smell....meh...not the worst thing not to have...outside of for safety reasons (smoke, gas, rotten food, etc...). Touch is...
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    Sleep and Insomnia

    One thing to keep in mind that I totally forgot about.......Frankincense is toxic to cats, so be very careful as to how you use it. For example, I will massage a drop of it into my scalp or in my facial moisturizer, then wash my hands, so I don't transfer it to my kitties. Or take a bath with...
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    post funny picture and memes here

    If you ever decide to plant catnip've been warned! Not cat related but I thought this was funny!
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    Sleep and Insomnia

    A few other things you could try... Have a small, high protein snack before a handful of almonds...the whole process of "rest and digest" will kick in and can help to fall and stay asleep. Also, if your like me and tend to wake up in the middle of the night with that uncomfortable...
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    Question of the Day - Monday, May 3, 2021

    I don't really have a style. When I'm home I'm in yoga pants or "PJ pants" and t-shirt or sweatshirt...what ever is comfy. For work I wear the same thing everyday. Black athletic/yoga pants and a black athletic T-shirt or tunic style T-shirt. The only stipulation for our "uniform" is to wear...
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    I need help...cookie plea

    @LTS3 , those look pretty good. What's kinda cool is many of her "tips" are actually ones I was planning to incorporate into my base recipe.....once I got the ratios where I wanted them. Thanks!
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    I need help...cookie plea

    Well, chilling the dough helped a little bit with the spread but they were still a bit too flat/thin. The chewy texture was great and the caramelization was spot on around the edges. My husband was not much help....all he said was they're good, you can make these again...:doh: Not the point of...
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    beautiful horse!!!!

    I saw this post, and WOW! What a gorgeous specimen. Akhal-teke, a horse breed over 3,000 years old. As if woven from silk and pearls, the breed comes from Turkmenistan, where it is a national symbol. It is also called the "golden" horse due to its appearance. There are 6-7,000 left in the...
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    I need help...cookie plea

    Sooooooo, my first attempt.......:crackup: I spooned the flour in the measuring cup then leveled so I did not add too much. I creamed the butter and sugar - decided not to brown the butter yet as that affects flavor more than anything. I hand mixed the flour into the wet ingredients to make...
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    I need help...cookie plea

    LOL! They've been playing Friends on TV and I just saw that episode not too long ago!
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    I need help...cookie plea

    My co-worker brought some choc chip cookies for us to share...she said she was bored over the weekend and decided to bake......I'll take it! LOL! So anyway, they were REALLY good and ALMOST to my standard of perfect...she sent me the recipe to play with. There are some slightly tedious steps...