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    You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    We had to leave our house for it to be sprayed for carpenter ants. I brought everything we could possibly need so the cats would have all the comforts of home where we were going to wait out the 5 hours. Forgot to grab anything comfy for me to sit on. So ended up sitting on the floor in one...
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 11th of July.

    We watched "The Meg" last night and the last song leading into the credits was Hey Mickey, but the Thai version.
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    Another vertical pee-er question

    Oh for sure, follow your vet's advice. Hoping for a speedy recovery and a little extra bonus that he pees normal again!
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    Question of the Day, Friday, July 10

    Same here. The only bookmark I have that is separate, and pops up first, is for the unemployment reporting which I will be removing soon since I'm back at work.
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Here in Ontario, we are doing the nasal too. It's just that I was watching the press conference update and one of the reporters asked our Premier why the saliva test which is less "invasive" can't be used. He compared the nasal test to someone trying to scrape your brain. I think he was...
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Are they doing the nasal or saliva test where you are?
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    Another vertical pee-er question

    Oh boy! I hope they get better soon. :alright: And who knows, perhaps it's the pancreatitis that is causing the peeing issue. I've heard of instances where a tooth problem caused kitty to pee outside the box. So perhaps, the pancreatitis, was causing some pain or pressure that made squatting...
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    How much time a cat can live with acute kidney disease when not treated?

    Is this the 2.5 month old kitten, the same one you asked about last week, that was diagnosed with kidney failure?
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    Question of the Day - Tuesday, July 7

    I don't really travel, other than Florida when I was a kid, so I don't have much experience with the ocean. But here in Ontario (Canada), we have beautiful lakes, and there are two beaches that are tied. One was near a small town called Zurich (ON), where the beach was on lake Huron. It was...
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    Another vertical pee-er question

    You mention that the standing to pee is a newer problem..Has he seen a vet about it? I mention this because this was the first symptom my boy displayed for several months before we found out he had urinary crystals. He never blocked, but the crystals were causing discomfort. When he goes into...
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    Let's Talk Mops

    Look into the Rubbermaid spray mops. With covid, we just got the "industrial/heavy duty" one at work, and it's fantastic..I want to get one for my house next time I need to replace the one I have. The one we have at work is pretty expensive but looking online they do have lesser expensive ones...
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    Blood in urine

    I would agree that kitty probably has FIC. And it usually comes down to stress and moisture. My kitty had Cystitis, but we were able to figure out what caused him to be so stressed out. We had a bad bear season, and they were coming up close to the house and eliminating all over the yard...
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    Kitty has scabs/sores just around mouth?

    Because kittens do sometimes like to eat litter, it's not good to have clumping as it will cause intestinal blockages. Even just a little can cause issues. The other thing, clumping litter is made to stick, so if she's sticking her face in it that sticky litter and even the smaller dust...
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    Kitty has scabs/sores just around mouth?

    One more thing...You mention digging her face in the litter...Does she eat it? And is it clumping?
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    Kitty has scabs/sores just around mouth?

    A cat of any age can get it. It's not a hormone thing like humans. It a mix of their natural oils, plus bacteria from whatever and dirt and stuff from food debris. Then they get blackheads and/or whiteheads/pimples, that can turn into lesions. So if she likes to shove her face in her food...