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    Loose upper canine, will need removal

    Our boy had to have his canine removed due to the tip breaking off. Eating was painful for him as the pulp was showing. He wasn't on any serious meds but was undergoing a long term antibiotic treatment for a very stubborn sinus infection. He has chronic rhinitis and is prone to infection due...
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    Question of The Day. Sunday 16th of January

    I don't really splurge on anything...I'm pretty frugal and always end up talking myself out of buying something I don't really need. Everything goes on sale at some point and I refuse to pay full price. When something goes on sale, especially something I like, I stock up. And if there's...
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    QUESTION OF THE DAY, SATURDAY, the 15th of January, 2022

    No serious plans per se...I need to get groceries at some point, but it's currently -30 with a wind chill of -40 right now...I don't feel like leaving the house. :cold: When I actually get my groceries, I had wanted to make a big batch of chili. I also have to do some basic house...
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    Question of the day - Thursday 13 January

    Oh great.....So I'm "the pity" outlaw gang member.....even better. :disappointed: :lol::lol::lol:
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    Question of the day - Thursday 13 January

    Slinky Scrapples......Mine sounds like an "outlaw" or perhaps the town drunk...:ohwell: :lol:
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    You can only have two in your house....

    Movie theater and Game room.
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    About a week, when we would go on our annual camping trip. With this new group of kitties (we've had them about 3 years) we have not left them alone longer than a days work or an evening out.
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    @Beholder - I found this article. It's just a small study that was done here in Ontario. CityNews This was taken from the article, "The study looked at 6,312 Omicron cases and 8,875 Delta cases with an onset between Nov. 22 and Dec. 17 of this year. There were 21 hospitalizations and zero...
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    Question of the Day - Monday, January 10, 2022

    I've pulled a few all-nighters as a teen and in College, so I'd say 36+ hours. I handled it perfectly fine back then, if not just a bit tired. Now? Just the thought of missing a nights sleep makes me cringe. I'm tired and cranky and actually feel ill if I don't get enough sleep in a night...
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    I think it is accurate (give or take a few). This variant doesn't seem to kill most people and getting admitted to the hospital doesn't necessarily mean that they are getting the full vent and what not and are on deaths door. I know of someone who did go to the hospital, they got some oxygen...
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    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? 2022

    It is currently -31C but feels like -43C with the wind chill. :cold::cold::cold: We plugged our vehicles in last night, hopefully my husbands car starts OK this morning. I only work in the afternoon, so my vehicle should be OK as the temps are supposed to get warmer as the day goes on. The...
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    Lump after vaccination

    My cat got a lump after his vaccination, although no hair loss. It lasted over a month, but I can't remember exactly, and it did shrink as time went on. It didn't bother him and he didn't mess with it, but he got it in his thigh. I'm a bit peeved that your vet gave the shot at the shoulder...
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    Question of The Day. Sunday 9th of January

    What I drink doesn't really change much. I drink coffee in the morning (cream and sugar) and tea (black or with a touch of milk-depends on the type) and/or water throughout the day. I'll usually have some soda at supper, usually ginger ale, but I switch it up sometimes. As a treat on a cold...
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    Need guidance

    What a handsome boy! :hugs: He looks pretty good to me. My boy is quite bony compared to him. It's hard to tell because he's black but as you can see, he's quite slim.
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    Need guidance

    What would be concerning is if his muscle mass was wasting around the hips, shoulders and spine, but if he still had a belly (roundish and firm not the saggy skin that tends to hang on some cats). That, from your description, does not seem to be the case. Also if your cat is still acting...