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    New Calico on the block!

    Thank you!😽
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    New Calico on the block!

    Thank you! Pretty cat family you have there.😽
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    Coffee and Tea Talk - 2022

    I always start off the morning with a k-cup along with a Activia yogurt. I find the yogurt helps settle my stomach after taking the Areds eye vitamin I take every morning. So that’s my daily routine. The coffee I like black and I use the flavored K-cups. I had the Dunkin’Eggnog Spice K-cup...
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    Is anyone else having this problem?

    I use my ipad when on this site. Never got a security warning.
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    QUESTION OF THE DAY, SATURDAY, the 15th of January, 2022

    Another winter snow/ice weekend predicted in Tennessee. So me and Jelli are going nowhere! I’m just staying in my pj’s and will be binge watching old movies on an xfinity movie channel ( got Laurel and Hardy on now🤣) , MeTv - old tv shows, will be drinking a can or two of White Claw 🤪and taking...
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    New Calico on the block!

    Thank You!🥰
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    New Calico on the block!

    Hi! I adopted Jelli from my local animal shelter. She was an “owner surrender” and 2 years old at the time. I wish I knew more about her history. Jelli was her name when I adopted her ( I never change a pets name) I liked the name anyway and it suits her. I often wondered what made whoever...
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    Weird reddish bald patches on my cat's back leg. Any idea what it could be?

    I’d like to see this subject revisited. I found this while doing a google search. But I just noticed these posts go back a few years. Anyone currently have a cat with this problem? Here’s my cats hind legs:
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    New Calico on the block!

    I am having a hard time figuring out how to reply to messages on this site.
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    New Calico on the block!

    Yes! That is my Jelli.
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    New Calico on the block!

    I was googling last night , looking for answers concerning bald spots on the back of my cats hind legs. My Google search lead me to a very informative discussion on this site that took back in 2015! I got the answer I was looking for. Amazing! Thus, I found this group quite my accident. 😹...