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    I Need Help!

    What would the appropriate dose be for an 8.2 lb. cat?
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    I Need Help!

    UPDATE: She seems to be better. Her spirits are good. She is playful and seems happier. She has two food bowls (her normal kibble and a bowl of wet food suggested by the vet). She has begun eating both (although she prefers her kibble) and has had no "cow pattie" stools in four days. She...
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    I Need Help!

    I contacted the vet today and spoke with the vet tech about these suggestions. He did not endorse any of them but said if the change in diet didn't work, to bring her back in two weeks. So I'm counting down the days.
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    I Need Help!

    Thanks. Even though she doesn't strain or exhibit any signs of stress, FIC certainly fits her symptoms. I've switched her to a wet breakfast but I keep her dry food out for her to nibble on during the day. I think I'll call the vet and get a prescription so I can order her a supply of canned...
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    I Need Help!

    My 10 year old indoor spayed female cat has had blood in her urine for a couple of months. She seems to vacillate between feeling good, being playful, eating and drinking well, and being listless, and not eating or drinking. Her stools are usually good but she occasionally has "cow patties"...
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    Comment by 'janets98' in article 'Is Your Cat Addicted To Treats?'

    I give my cat Orijen or Acana dry cat food as treats. It's the finest cat food in the world so I don't consider it junk food for cats and some varieties are available in 10 oz. packages, just filling my treat jar. I just wish I could afford to feed it to her all the time, but I can't. She...
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    Has anyone had a bad reaction to Cheristin flea meds?

    We're into flea season here and since I have a severe allergy to flea bites, I have to treat my cat in some way. So what do people here recommend as a safe and effective flea preventative?
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    Surrendering Your Cat Because You Don't Spend Enough Time With Them?

    I really wish one of my family members or friends would agree to take my cat if she should survive me. But they refuse. And it's not because of her behavior. They all have excuses so the bottom line is that she's likely to become a senior shelter cat and will have no chance at another loving...
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    What Dry Food Best Lowers Ph?

    As follow-up... Miss Bee has been on Wysong Uretic for a little over 3 months and she loves it. At first, her stools were loose but went back to normal after about a month. I haven't had her pH checked yet but her coat is shiny (it was dull before), she has a lot of energy and is more playful...
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    Comment by 'janets98' in item 'Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Bladder Health Dry Cat Food'

    My cat had a pH of 7.5 so the vet put her on Hill's Prescription Diet c/d. The fact that two of the first three ingredients are corn was problematic for me. But it brought her pH down a full point over the 7 months she was on it. Besides the high amount of corn, she hated it and would not eat...
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    What Dry Food Best Lowers Ph?

    Does anyone know anything about Wysong Uretic? It doesn't contain corn and that's important to me. It gets pretty good customer reviews (on Amazon) with most reviewers saying that their cats' UTIs were eliminated once they switched to that food. Most commented that their cats ate it willingly...
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    Cat refuses to use litter-box to pee PLZ HELP

    My cat peed outside the box, but very close to it. By peeing as close to the litter box as possible, I figured that she knew she needed to pee in the box but just didn't feel she could. So I tried several different kinds of litter but it didn't seem to matter. Eventually I discovered that it...
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    What Dry Food Best Lowers Ph?

    I didn't want to get sidetracked in my post, but the reason the vet told me to keep her on dry food is that she has abnormal gums, has lost teeth, and she said that soft food would make the situation worse. Also, she's never been fed anything except dry food. When I first got her, I tried...
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    What Dry Food Best Lowers Ph?

    At the vet's suggestion, my 8 yr old cat was on Hill's prescription c/d (dry) for frequent UTIs. When she went on it, her pH was 7.5. After being on it for 6 months her pH decreased to 6.5. But she HATED it and refused to eat it until she was starving. Since two of the first three...
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    wouild like to adopt

    I adopted my first cat ever from a shelter 15 months ago (I've always been a dog person) and am so glad I bought a 7 year old cat instead of a kitten. She is still playful but does not have the energy of a kitten and since I have mobility issues, that's fine with me. If I adopt another cat, I...