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    Feline Polycythemia Vera

    Can anyone tell me is the replacement saline sq or intravenous? My vet is suggesting sq?
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    Feline Polycythemia Vera

    Kevin, what was the name of the Chinese herb? My kitty has polycythemia?
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    Has anyone tried Brevacto made by Merrick?
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    Soft Stools And Pickiness

    Just curious, are you feeding RAWZ canned and how is it going. I feed my kitties First Mate but was thinking of switching or adding RAWZ to the rotation. Thanks.
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    Dr Harvey’s Cat Food

    Will check that one out. Thanks
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    Dr Harvey’s Cat Food

    Have you heard if Balance It for a premix and you homecook protein? What do you feed your cat?
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    Dr Harvey’s Cat Food

    Has anyone tried this raw food?
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    Do You Supplement With Fish Oil?

    I use omega Plus from Food Just For Dogs, it’s human grade and my cat specialist checked it out said it’s top of the line, for 10 lb cat I use 1/8 tsp daily. They eat it with their treat or in their food. Very high quality.
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    Sick Cat Will Not Eat Anything But Will Eat A Few Temptation Treats Is That Enough ?

    Try some proplan but I agree with everyone, get her in for hydration and that may really help her and to see the vet tomorrow. Proplan healthy metabolism for starters then you can get better food. No gravy or pouches, too rich in fat this may be making her sick, like fancy feast which is almost...
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    Sick Cat Will Not Eat Anything But Will Eat A Few Temptation Treats Is That Enough ?

    Try First Mate chicken, for now. Carbs are a bit high but she needs nutrition. You can also buy organic skinless chicken thighs, cook them by boiling them, then dice into small pieces. Get an ice cube trY and freeze broth, use the broth to moisten an ounce of diced up chicken, once in morning...
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    How do I catch my cat who ran away from home?

    Glad to see he is back. Thank God!
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    How do I catch my cat who ran away from home?

    If you have a local shelter that can let you borrow a cage used for catching Gerald and releasing, get one of and place near your home with food in there. Maybe your cat and his sister will both goin for the food and you can catch him. If another cat gets in there just release, orhavehim...
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    Anyone Else Feeding Holistic Select Canned?

    Just curious how is holistic select working out. What is in your rotation?
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    home-cooked: Alnutrin or BalanceIt?

    I am just seeing this thread because I am beginning to use Balance It too. My cat sometimes will have a hacking cough like he is trying to get a hairball up? He also only eats chicken either from First Mate canned or cooked chicken from Balance It receipe. I am thinking of introducing pork or...
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    New Cat Mom Needs Help Choosing A Food Brand!!!

    I have my 2 10 lb cats on a schedule where I feed them once in morning and once in evening with real cooked boneless chicken thighs in evening as their snack. Total calories per day for them is about 195 to 200 cal a day. NEVER a mean made of dry kibble. However I do give them a teaspoon wetted...