just a cat mom trying to make it by.
Proud owner of Bubba, the Lap Cat Extraordinaire. Bubba is a very lovable kitty, around 6-7 years of age. He is a T-N-R, and is living his best life in a quiet peaceful environment. As long as there's food around and fresh water, he's happy.
Bubba developed a personality trait of eating right down the center of the food bowl and crying when he sees the bottom of the bowl, leaving food around the edges. He gets the zoomies at around 10pm-1am, usually right when mommy is getting ready for bed. He adapted in the 4 months that i've owned him super quick, and seems to do so when my work schedule changes as well.
He's always right at the doorway, talking very loudly and very excited to hear me.
He'll wait outside the bathroom and meow happily when he sees me walk out the bathroom and follow me into the bedroom.
This boy is my whole world, and i'm trying my hardest to take care of him and the help i get from you guys makes it happen.
November 29