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    Palatable S. Boulardii

    Yeah I just wanted to put out some information for future reference because I've heard of people crushing up controlled release pills like Mucinex and giving it to their kids, but yes there's no reason for a probiotic to be time release so you don't have to worry about it. If it's a clear...
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    Palatable S. Boulardii

    Before I start rambling, this is important to note before you tamper with any pills intended to be swallowed: If the pill or packaging or wherever says "LA, ER, XL, CR, SR" on it then it means it is time release and not crushable and shouldn't be opened. And if it's prescription, for you or...
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    Plasma Cell Pododermatitis

    If your kitty has PCP make sure they're screened for FIV if they're unvaccinated. If they developed PCP after their vaccines and have been kept up to date with necessary boosters, then there is no reason to worry about FIV. Here is a good source with accurate information on feline PCP...
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    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In My Cat

    Always, always make sure to have a carbon monoxide detector and test it monthly to make sure it's working. Take note: Sources of carbon monoxide include Cars accidentally left running in the garage Clothes dryers Water heaters Furnaces or boilers Fireplaces, both gas and wood burning Gas...
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    Injured Cat

    It's generally a very bad sign when a cat suddenly stops eating. Either it could be from physical trauma or psychological, both are very serious and need to be given attention asap. It sounds like your cat got into a bit of a ruffle so it's very possible an infection has set in and he needs to...
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    Cat Refusing To Eat Or Drink

    If Benji's body is still intact after burial, (sorry for sounding like this, I don't know any way else to phrase this) I hope you can find a vet that can perform a necroscopy. It's like an autospy, but for animals. For cases like this where there aren't answers it could be potentially useful for...
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    Cat Refusing To Eat Or Drink

    Oh my god I'm so sorry. I can't even feel the pain that you are in right now. I'm so sorry for your sweet Benji. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to help. It's so hard loosing a pet and not knowing the answers. I wish you the best through this difficult time ;( :redheartpump::redheartpump:
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    Cat Refusing To Eat Or Drink

    I hope you find answers. You clearly love Benji and I'm 100% sure he loves you back. Thank you for doing everything you can to comfort him. Still praying that he recovers. <3
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    Cat Refusing To Eat Or Drink

    I want to add, if you suspect he might be dehydrated, you are probably adding additional water in the food you're syringe feeding him already to make it looser and easier to draw into the syringe, so you can account for that as well in the amount of water you give to him every day. Just measure...
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    Cat Refusing To Eat Or Drink

    Oh my. When it comes to inappetant cats, persistence is key. He's cutting it dangerously close. Keeping him adequately nourished and hydrated is the top priority now along with monitoring his blood glucose. An average cat's stomach can hold between 40-50mL at a time. You need to factor in how...
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    Tube Feeding - Potential Problem, Urgent, Please Help

    That's really heartwarming, I felt the same way. Animals are very gracious when you help them or save their life. They really do feel our feelings. When you look into their eyes you really sense it's not just your own emotions staring back at yourself, there's something else there. A deep...
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    Im Desperate Now ... Help (cat Really Gone Crazy)

    I'm at a loss for words. You need to talk to them again, you can't let this happen to your kitty. If there is absolutely no way your family will let them back into the house, are there any shelters, any humane societies who can take him? You can't let your vet keep him, you need to get him back...
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    Does This Look Like Feline Herpes And Is The Risk To My Cats Too High?

    Just want to iterate, herpes generally isn't a huge concern is most animals and the dangers are overhyped. If your cat isn't terribly young or old, shouldn't be a worry. A vet visit will do, it's not a reason not to adopt an animal. Feline herpes is usually more severe than human herpes but...
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    Boy Or Girl

    She looks like a girl, vertical slit on the vulva, scrotum and circular penile opening absent! Congratulations!!
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    My Cat Has The Coronavirus

    Haven't thought of that. Might be the reason she has the chronic diarrhea. I would mention this to the vet as well and continue probiotics until you notice a positive change.