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    Perry and The Racoon

    Killing native wildlife to create habitat for non native feral cats is not ethical in my book. It flies in the face of the whole TNR idea! Not only that, it's illegal most places and even where legal, state natural resources departments are against moving raccoons. And I recall many raccoons and...
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    If your ear tipped indoor ex-feral gets out?

    My cat is clicker trained to come for mealtimes. When she was still a wild adult, I clicker trained her to put herself in an outbuilding and shut her in for the night to keep her safe from the numerous coyotes. Then I let her out in the day. Now after 2 years she is a housecat, tame, but last...
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    Perry and The Racoon

    Relocating raccoons just moves the problem elsewhere, but most won't survive, especially in winter. This is no different than rounding up feral cats and bringing them to the shelter to be euthanized, somethingmost here don't favor only the raccoon will die from not being able to find shelter...
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    Perry and The Racoon

    I googled. City of Toronto site says virtually no raccoon rabies and has tips on avoiding attracting them. I am sure rmnative was horrified by the kittens being eaten and I would be too. But relocating raccoons to certain death is the same as cities killing feral cats because they are diseased...
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    Perry and The Racoon

    In the US, raccoons do not have rabies in most states. At all. It's mostly up and down the east coast. Maybe in Toronto there is no raccoon rabies. You can google that issue. Most "rabid" raccoons have canine distemper. Trapping and relocating wild animals usually leads to death. You can...
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    With my 15 year old kitty, that is her pic above, I tried this diet and that diet and she wouldn't eat any of them and was starving herself to death as well as puking up or having diarrhea with any calories she did eat. I tried adding pumpkin, tried probiotics, tried so many things!! The cat was...
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    How to treat moderate injuries from a wild animal

    I didn't get a chance to update the thread - The baby is doing better now! I bathed him repeatedly to soak the injured area (wiggly baby!!!!! Almost as difficult as bathing a cat!) and the swelling is down and he is bouncing around attacking his siblings just like new!  It was a super scare! I...
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    How to treat moderate injuries from a wild animal

    No, not in Ohio, and thank you for the offer!!  I even took amoxicillin recently myself for an after surgery antibiotic, but I took all my pills like I was supposed to so no leftovers. 
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    How to treat moderate injuries from a wild animal

    I tried that with 2 vets, since I do actually have a feral cat who is difficult, and they said it was illegal to give me antibiotics if they have not seen the cat. It has been just over one year since my feral kitty was in at the vets. Maybe it was 2 years - she had a dental abscess and needed a...
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    How to treat moderate injuries from a wild animal

    Thank you so much for the moral support!!!  They would make me surrender the baby, and if the rehabber is a jerk, which some are, they could turn me into the state fish and wildlife people, although I doubt I would be charged because clearly the babies are intended to go back into the wild, and...
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    How to treat moderate injuries from a wild animal

    This animal is a raccoon, not a cat, but I don't know where else to ask and there are many knowledgeable people here and I know that kitties get abscesses a lot (my former feral had one). It's really a first aid question that probably applies to any animal. So I hope it is ok that I post here -...
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    Is an outdoor enclosure a good idea for a territorial indoor cat?

    What I do is take my cats outside and supervise them, and have never gotten around to building their outdoor enclosure. But in any case, I have heard many times that in my area, chicken wire is not good enough for raccoons or coyotes, and to use something heavier. I think these stories could be...
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    Help! My cat is spraying all over the house

    I use odormute instead of nature's miracle because it comes in an unscented version and also because it's MUCH cheaper. The disadvantage is you have to mix it up.  It works great, but the urine smell does not go away until the odormute is totally dry. It's $15 a box on amazon, but it makes many...
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    Mamacat adjusting to life in the house

    I trapped this adult feral 2 1/2 years ago and been working on taming her ever since. When I brought her in the house for the winter (she lived in an outbuilding because she was too wild - taming her was a big project), the other cats jumped her and she moved into the dirt crawl space in the...