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    The Purrsonal Grooming Thread

    Do you mind? I'm kind of busy here.
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    Cat Limping Intermittently

    Update: I still haven't seen him doing zoomies, but he did jump across a fairly long jump that required him to push off from that hind leg and he had no issues doing it. There's no chance for a re-do because it's from the loft in my bedroom across to the top of my closet, about a seven foot drop...
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    Cat Limping Intermittently

    Thanks all. He is still lying on his right side, which to me means it can't be hurting that much. I'm guessing he tweaked his knee or lower since I was able to palpate (is that the right word) his hip without issue.
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    Cat Limping Intermittently

    My 4-5 year old cat Luciano started limping on his rear right leg the other day. He doesn't always do it. As near as I can figure, he does it when he wakes up from sleeping or lying in the same position for a while. It's possible he injured himself jumping when I wasn't around, and when he jumps...
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    Indoor Cat Caught A Mouse...

    Luciano caught a mouse one night this summer. I'm fairly certain he got it from the mouse coming inside from the roof when Luciano was in the hallway. Bad timing for that nearly boneless mouse who could enter under a closed rooftop door. I had just let Luciano out in the hallway a short time...
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    Television Trivia

    Marla Gibbs In the first season of Gilligan's Island, how were the Professor & Mary Ann referred to in the theme song?
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    Abandoned Kitten

    So great to get a June Bug update, thanks.
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    Rescue Momma and Kittens... Advice Needed Please!

    I've been following you on facebook - you do great updates there. Keep up the outstanding work!
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    He's had a session with a behaviorist. I should do a follow up, but it's really expensive.
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    I had an experience last night when Luciano ate a seven-inch paper backing of a label in two seconds flat, but turned his nose up at a sliver of cheese I dropped on the floor.
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    Cats in the Media

    I am happy to announce the independent cinema I volunteer for is showing Cat Video Fest 2019 Sunday April 7 2pm on the Upper West Side in NYC. Proceeds will go to The Pet Project NYC, which rescues, fosters & adopts out cats from shelters and other dangerous situations. The film is about 75...
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    Abandoned Kitten

    Since you take Makena on walks etc & June Bug is mostly indoor, could you leave some dry out on the porch or somewhere Makena can access it but JB can't?
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    Post Your Cats On Your Bed

    Luciano chilling on Sunday.
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    Betty's Straight Legs (post Your Straight Leggers)

    I don't think his front legs can get any straighter, but I see what you mean. He's not doing the classic Superman pose. It actually looks like he's stuck in a hole or something, but no, he's got plenty of room. He was only like that for a second-I was trying to get a shot of him stretching, but...