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    Soliciting donations with Christmas cards

    A while back we had a tear jerker abuse story, we posted a video of them on a page on our website with a donation tab, not only did we have over 100 people offer to adopt the special needs pair but their care was paid for and more! I agree with Natalie, if it is in the card, I would try to come...
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    Help! Absolutely Desperate...

    Yep, right at the top it says Vet in Seattle area I double checked because I thought it was DC too It might still be a bit far but will give the OP an idea of low cost prices in their area to compare
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    This is something I noticed being single,

    M had three cats when I met him but all of the guys I know love my cats, our friends usually get upset if Quincy doesn't come bouncing in to jump on them and feel like he is somehow upset with them (when is reality something better like a bowl of water has caught his attention) That being said...
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    Help! Absolutely Desperate...

    The OP lists their location as Seattle, so according to this link FVRCP $13 Rabies $11 and they do not charge office visit with vaccines Not sure how far this is from the OP though 1115 South 348th Street, Suite D Federal Way, Washington 98003 wow $79...
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    Missing my ferals :(

    No, the shelter would TNR all of them if she would catch them but she wont bring in the ones she doesnt believe are friendly enough because she worries they will be euthanised on testing or she doesnt like the vet or whatever other stupid excuse she has. The ones she does bring (usually because...
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    Advice for finding a hunting cat needed.

    I care for feral cats, I feed them but they are true ferals who have never had a home. They will pounce on a bird if it happens to be on the grass but they do not actively hunt birds, squirrels and rabbits in the field seem to be fair game though. I don't like it, but its nature - however, as...
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    Missing my ferals :(

    Well that is where I would have brought them even in scramble mode, that was how I got involved with them, helping TNR her cats. I just wish she would make more of an effort to TNR. She brings all the kittens to the shelter but she only TNRs them if she thinks they are friendly and the shelter...
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    Missing my ferals :(

    In a way, it is kind of a relief but I miss them. We are moving in the next year so I have been looking for someone reliable to take over feeding the ferals (compared to the people who think they can just empty a bag of food and it will last a week) The other day, I heard strange construction...
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    Help! Absolutely Desperate...

    That is great hissy
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    Adopting/rescuing Cats

    Coming from a shelter perspective, the only kittens we ever lost to FIP had been in a foster home, and their mom was negative so they got it at the foster home, at shelters, if they are doing their job, they should be minimising contact I am in Ontario too Cost of adopting $90-200 depending...
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    Help! Absolutely Desperate...

    Do you have some info on Louie Picture Age Healthcare done etc
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    SO mad! I am not a shelter!

    oh the best one I had wanted to return one for one with a louder meow in case she locked it in the closet and couldnt hear its screams (she didnt get another kitten from us)
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    Is this sig better?

    Much better If the background on the feathering is mostly dark, it looks better if you use a dark background on the sig too
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    A bit of help with paint shop pro 8 please

    looks better, you need more feather though, and signatures look more natural if you leave some of the body there so they are not just floating heads If you look in the sig forum (and I think there is a link in the sticky) we had a thread of tips for cutting them out, fixing eyes etc
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    SO mad! I am not a shelter!

    Unfortunately they will keep doing it again and again because its so easy to 'get rid of them' I spoke to a couple about fostering yesterday, started out so well, they were complaining about BYBs who sell puppies to a local pet store (there is a parvo outbreak there and its news around here)...