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    Combining kitten food

    To clarify the above, we current do feed the kitten a wet kitten-specific food, just looking to find ways to save money and keep him healthy.
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    Combining kitten food

    Hi! I have a 5 year old tabby and a 12 week old kitten. The tabby gets fed twice daily - dry food in the morning, then some wet and dry food in the evening. The kitten gets fed four times daily - wet food morning, noon, and evenings, plus dry food for overnight. Slowly transitioning to 3 times...
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    Introducing new kitten - specifics

    Thank you for your reply! They've been together with no separation for about 8 days now (so much nicer for us) and they are doing well. Occasionally Mandoo will lick/clean Bowie and then bop him on the head for no reason, but I put that down to her attitude and only 3 weeks together. They are...
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    Introducing new kitten - specifics

    Hi there! I know there are many posts on introducing a new kitten to a resident cat, but was hoping to get some specific insight on the "supervised visit" stage. We have a resident 5 year old spayed tabbyXmainecoon (Mandoo) who has lived with pets before, and was only adopted within the past...
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    Hello from 2 kitties in Ontario!

    Hello - Meet Mandoo & Bowie! Mandoo is a just-turned 5 year old Tabby/Maine Coon mix adopted at 4 years old from a family who, to be blunt, neglected her. She is sweet, quiet, distant but loving, and indifferent to treats. She previously had many animals (cats and dogs) in her home, so we...
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    New Kitten, Ivy is not happy, PLEASE HELP?

    Hi! I'm going through the same process right now, and scoured this forum, but I have some pointers. We are 8 days into adoption of a 10 week old kitten with resident 5 year old cat who was adopted at age 4, from a home with multiple cats/dogs. Our resident cat got very depressed, stressed...