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    Needy elderly FIV cat coming to stay

    My daughter adopted a elderly fiv cat several years ago ( they said he was at least 5 but 3 years on his black fur has started to have white hairs) . She is planning on leaving the country for a year or 2 and although she looked for other options it looks like Alfie is coming to stay. We have 4...
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    HELP with kitten sitting in his litter while urinating

    If you change to a news print litter in won’t clump to his rear although I do find it occasionally tracked by sticking ing the long haired cats feet ( I have five cats there is going to be some mess) and lower level of litter were going to be my suggestions.
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    Dry flakey skin or dandruff

    Several of my cats have a lot of dry flakes of skin coming off right now, it has been a long dry winter , and they spend much time near the wood stove. They like their grain free food and it works even for the tender stomach of the one elderly cat . But really it is kind gross she had a lion cut...
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    Plasma cell pododermatitis OR pemphigus folacious??

    Hello, sorry your girl is so uncomfortable 😣. I had a cat ( also a shorthair calico) who had one foot with puffed up pads. No peeling but some cracking. At the time they said it was the first thing you mentioned and nothing could be done. She had babies, long story,and disappeared when they were...
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    Moving into my girlfriends apartment w/ my 10 year old cat adjusting to 2 small dogs

    So if she is a bit geriatric , all the high place advice maybe for not but the gate even if she doesn’t go over will let sights and sound get thur but protect her space. I had cats go under if you leave 4 inches. But they have meds for anxiety at the vet , might be worth a visit. I adopted a 5...
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    Introducing Golden Retriever Puppy And Cat

    This has been very interesting and helpful, but you all seem to be very good cat owners with rooms for your cat! I have 5 they go outside ( I know I know but there it is ) We are hoping to get a puppy, we have looked into spca dogs but most are no young children, even if they like cats and I...
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    Moving into my girlfriends apartment w/ my 10 year old cat adjusting to 2 small dogs

    A baby gate would be helpful the dogs are to small to jump it , so if you want to get past the closed door stage but protect the cats space you can put it up in the door way and the cat could come out if she wants. I guess this would be a few weeks in. I actually logged in today for the first...
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    How to stop crying and food aggression

    Have you dewormed them yet? I have to say marmalade cats are like that!
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    He Peed On The Bed Right In Front Of Us!

    @ArtNJ I love your list of targets sick ageing and mad cats from my past have used all of those places . Bathtubs and empty plastic,totes laundry baskets and kids sledge as well as boxes of paperwork were where at say 4-12 months they would somehow get miss directed with. I actually think he...
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    He Peed On The Bed Right In Front Of Us!

    So my very sweet cat Silky, he peed on the bed right in front of me , my spouse and child, in fact I was in the bed. About two weeks ago maybe 3 he peed in a brand new kit bag my spouse had put his work stuff into ( stapler measuring tape clipboard...) The stuff was all older and would smell...
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    T-Cyte Treatment for FeLV & FIV Cats?

    I am sorry to hear about Poppy, We also had to say good bye to Rudy,with his kidneys failing and he just wanted to be held all the time, so I am right there with you and hope that you're okay with your decisions. Again I am sorry. Our one happy note had one of our 10 month olds kittens tested...
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    Please help!!

    It's really sad that she is out there injured. You might need some cat fencing or mesh for your deck it you find her. I have had cat return after a month so don't give up to soon. Can you call some local vets and aminal contoll, to see it the have her? Also I think you migh need to work on your...
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    Rescue Momma and Kittens... Advice Needed Please!

    I hope Sabrina is okay now, a singleton litter kitten can be hard to birth, my mom midwifed one from my childhood favourite cat a tortie named Wylie.( cat actually pushed her feet on my mom's hands). Sorry that happened. The other babies are sweet thanks for the tails Hugs for you and pets for...
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    Beautiful stray!

    That is great to know that they will be taken care of no matter what and if it turns out she is not pregnant then I am sure a shelter near you will have some siblings she can love in need of a home. Cats don't cycle monthly, I had a cat ( as a child) that had 3 litters over 3 years. And the...
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    Found Clot in Cats Heart, lots of Questions

    So happy for you and your cat!!!!'