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    Kitten bathing alternative

    Sorry, I thought they were still 5 weeks. If they're 7 weeks old they'll need more space than that. I wouldn't keepvthem in a cage at night either. Is there a room you can keep them in? Once they're feeling better and have got the hang of the litter box, you can let them roam the house again...
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    Kitten bathing alternative

    Make sure you've cleaned wherever they've toileted with an enzyme spray. If it smells like urine/poo, they'll keep going there. It's also possible that they're messing when they're out of the cage because they forget where the litterbox is. Try keeping them in a smaller area. 2x2 metres is...
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    Two New Kittens

    The grey one looks like a calico, so almost certainly a girl. Other one I'm not sure; the pic is a bit blurry
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    2 week old bottle-fed runt fading fast

    Meals every 4 hours for a 126g kitten seems like a really long time. I'd give them proper feeds (not just snacks) at least every 2 hours.
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    Kitten diarrhea

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. 11 bottle babies for one person is madness. I recently had just 5 sickly 3-week olds and I nearly cracked under the stress and sleep deprivation. You're an absolute hero. I hope that after this you can find a rescue to work with that treats you like a...
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    Bottle feeding newborns: kittens vs puppies

    For anyone who has fostered very young kittens AND puppies, how would you compare the two? What is different between them? I have a little experience bottle/syringe feeding kittens, but I know absolutely nothing about dogs/puppies (100% cat person here). I was just asked to foster a one-day old...
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    Cat is panting and pushing but no kittens

    I'm so sorry this is happening to you and your cat. I wish I could offer advice, but I'm not in the US and things work very differently where I am. Was busy replying above when your next post came in. SO SO happy and relieved for you and your cat!! Congrats!!!!!
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    Cat is panting and pushing but no kittens

    Was your cat treated? How is she?
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    Cat is panting and pushing but no kittens

    Take her to the emergency vet immediately. Can you not sort out a payment plan afterwards?
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    Cat in active labor

    No such thing. They're healthy little puddings. Pics? 🙏
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    What are the chances of a black cat with blue eyes?

    I just have no idea what I'm talking about 😂 Thank you for the replies, everyone. I may have to read up a bit about cat colour genetics.
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    What are the chances of a black cat with blue eyes?

    I've seen a few posts on this site from people with siamese cats. When their cat got very sick, their face turned grey. It was speculated that the cats got a fever and so their face heated up, causing the temperature-sensitive point to turn white. I'm probably talking nonsense. I may have a fever 😵
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    What are the chances of a black cat with blue eyes?

    I'm asking this purely out of curiosity. I have three black foster kittens who are a little over 3 months old. Two of them have eyes that are changing to yellow/green. The third's eyes have only become a lighter blue. I know it's too soon to tell and it will probably change, but since she's up...