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    Comment by 'helsic' in article 'The Silent Meow'

    wow! my kitten do the silent meow quite often to me and my husband, it's so cute~~ but I didn't know the meaning
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    Tiny Stray Kitten

    Such an adorable baby! He just need more and more interaction with you or other members of your family to be more comfortable about humans. Since he was a stray is normal that he is skittish and defensive but he will progressively changing slowly if you keep petting him, talking softly to him...
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    Raccoon has taken over one of my shelters

    I kind of feel sad for the racoon. He is also struggling to survive the cold winter. He doesn't understand you prefer the ferals over his life, he doesn't know the shelters are for the cats, he's just looking a place to keep himself warm.
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    orphan kitten health question

    It's not normal that the milk come out from the noses. After feeding make sure you help them burp. The same way you'll do with a human baby, they can't burp by themselves so the gas will stay in their tummies and they may feel very unconfortable and get sick. Rub their tummies and pat their...
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    are they fighting or playing???

    I think Oreo is more like an little alpha who wants to show who is the boss. But I don't think they're seriously fighting. Kittens play very rough, biting and scratching. That's normal behavior. Plus their skin is very thick and they don't get cuts easily as us. So keep monitoring them and allow...
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    Tomorrow the big fluffy will get a haircut.

    wow!!! such a fluffy boy! My mother has a short haired cat that get's dirty so easily since he is white. The vet offers a service of washing his fur and cleaning his teeth also with sedation. It goes very well and the result it's great, they don't suffer.
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    My kitten is very affectionate in the mornings

    Hello everyone! My black kitten 6 months old it's VERY affectionate in the early morning when we wake up for work. Because winter is coming and the weather is getting colder, we put a small warm bed-house inside of room, so Hades can sleep with us without climbing on our bed (I'm allergic so I...
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    Are videos for cats teasing or entertaining?

    I think the video is good if you let the cat to watch it for a short time like 5 minutes to 10 at least and then play with him ^^
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    Cats react to smell of baby

    Oh... this is so special. I don't have babies and I'm not in contact with them so I have never notice this kind of reaction in cats. Maybe they where surprised to smell the scent of somebody else in you.
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    Help, my six month kitten is mean.

    I agree. I rescued two kittens 2 weeks old and I had to feed them with a bottle too. They play really rough and hard when they were around 4 weeks to 12 weeks so I guess it help them to understand and communicate to each others and humans. I not longer have one of them, so I keep only one at my...
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    Playing or fighting?

    They're playing! but older brother is obviously stronger and little brother has hard time keeping up with the rough play!
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    Cat and kitten watch each other use litter box

    I think the kitten is learning from the older cat. Kittens tent to copy what other cats does, good or bad behavior. I think you're lucky to have to cats living happily together with such a huge difference in age!
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    What kind of dry and can food do you suggest?

    I give my kitten Friskies!! I tried Whiskas kitten when he was younger but I notice some gasses so since I switched to Friskies my kitten is really healthy and has no problems with his tummy.
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    Whiskers temptations cat treats

    I give those treats one or twice in a week to my kitten and he seems fine. He never get problems in his tummy
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    What Type of Water Do You Give Your Cat?

    Since I raised my kitten from 2 weeks of age, I prepare his milk with boiled spring water from a store. But now he is almost 5 months so he drinks tap water and he is pretty healthy!